Elmhurst Park District News

Final Elmhurst Park District 2015 Budget

The Elmhurst Park District Board of Park Commissioners approved the 2015 Budget document and 2015 Budget & Appropriation Ordinance at its December 10, 2014 meeting.  At the November 5, 2014 Park Board meeting, staff presented an overview of the 2015 Proposed Budget.  At the November 19, 2014 Board meeting, the Board continued to discuss and held a public hearing on the 2015 Proposed Budget.  Click here to view the final 2015 Budget and

2014 Green Team Update

This year, the Green Team was restructured to include Park District staff "whose regular job responsibilities provide the maximum opportunity to implement green practices.  The purpose of the work group is to investigate, recommend, and promote sustainability within the Park District"  (from its mission statement.) 

Elmhurst Park District Capital Projects 2015

In 2015, Glos Park landscaping will be replaced, and amenities including picnic tables, garbage cans, and drinking fountains made ADA-accessible.

Elmhurst Park District staff presented the proposed 2015 operating and capital budget to the Board of Park Commissioners at the November 5, 2014 Board meeting.  Fiscal agility is a key theme in the District’s Strategic Plan with a focus on taking care of what we have, aligning resources with community need, and investing in the future.  These fiscal objectives guide staff in the annual review of the ten-year capital plan and in determining project priorities and, based on available resources, the recommended capital budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Gateway Gators Volleyball Team Takes Top Honors

Gateway Gators Green Team

The Gateway Gators Red team recently made their debut at the Special Olympics Volleyball Championship.  According to Head Coach Carolyn Strasen, "The Red team played very well, considering this is their first time at a Special Olympic state event.  Their first volleyball match was in the main gym, with a lot of spectators cheering them on.  But they kept their cool and were able to focus on the match."  That focus led to a third place finish during their first-ever trip downstate.  The Gators Green team, also coached by Carolyn Strasen, Aislinn Evans, and Ryan Corte

Proposed 2015 Elmhurst Park District Budget

The proposed 2015 Budget is available for review at the Park District's Administration Building (375 W. First Street, Elmhurst), the Elmhurst Public Library (125 S. Prospect, Elmhurst), or view here.  The Board will review and discuss the proposed 2015 Budget at the November 5 and 19, 2014 Board meetings at 7 p.m. (held at 375 W. First Street, Elmhurst.)  At the November 19, 2014 Board meeting (7 p.m.), the Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed 2015 Budget.

Job Shadowing Program

In a diversified workplace such as the Elmhurst Park District, which hosts positions as varied as landscape architect and lifeguard, job shadowing is extremely beneficial. The ability to step into another's shoes and see part of a process previously unknown is invaluable, and perhaps even provides an opportunity for the "shadower" to make suggestions for improvement. Marshall Harpestad recently shadowed Darlene Marek, Parks & Facilities Operations Assistant. Harpestad works at the administrative office, and part of his duties include helping with special use permits.

Park District applies for IPRA Outstanding Facility Award for Wilder Park Conservatory

The IPRA ( Illinois Park & Recreation Association)  awards agencies for outstanding and unique achevements in the design and development of a renovated facility.  This year, the Elmhurst Park District has entered a submission for the beautiful restoration of Wilder Park Conservatory which reopened in April of 2014. The winners will be announced at the January IAPD/IPRA conference awards luncheon.  We'll let you know if we take home the award!


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Park Board votes in the affirmative to assist City of Elmhurst with stormwater detention in York Commons and Golden Meadows Park

October 22, 2014 Park Board Meeting

The Park Board unanimously approved three motions related to stormwater detention in York Commons and Golden Meadows Park. 

Please click here for complete story.

As always, complete meeting minutes will be available on our website once they are approved at the November 8, 2014 Park Board Meeting.

Listen to the complete audio recording of the October 22, 2014 Park Board meeting.