Park Board News

Park Board Breaks Ground on Butterfield Park & The Playground for Everyone

On Saturday, June 18, the Elmhurst Park District broke ground on the Butterfield Park redevelopment project and the Playground for Everyone. Plans to redevelop Butterfield Park have been part of the District’s long-range plans, and included input from neighboring residents at multiple public meetings.

Park District Administrative Office to Receive Exterior Improvements

At their May 25, 2016 meeting, the Park Board approved a bid of $63,800 from Professional Paving and Concrete Co., Inc. of Glen Ellyn, Illinois to redesign the front entrance stairway at the Park District Administrative Office in order to increase accessibility and safety, and to repair the sidewalks and driveway entrances on First Street. This improvement project will also include paving the visitor parking spots directly across from the front entrance along the train tracks.

Elmhurst Park District Meets 2015 Budget Expectations

At the May 25, 2016 Park Board meeting, the audit for year ending December 31, 2015 was approved.  The financial statements, prepared and presented by Lauterbach & Amen, LLP, report that the District continues to maintain a sound financial condition, reporting total net assets of $42.9 million. In the General Fund, both revenues and expenses experienced a 2.5% increase compared to 2014, meeting budget projections. Total revenues in the General and Recreation Funds were $10.3 million, 40% of those coming from non-tax revenues such as program fees and rentals.  

Park Board of Commissioners Elect New President and Appoint Committee Assignments

At the May 11, 2016 Annual Park Board Meeting, Vince Spaeth was elected president of the Park Board of Commissioners and Carolyn Ubriaco was elected Vice-President. Board committee assignments for the upcoming year were announced as follows:
Park/City/School Committee/Stormwater Subcommittee
Board President Vince Spaeth and Commissioner Kevin Graf
Elmhurst Art Museum Board
Board Vice President Carolyn Ubriaco

Market Analysis Underway for Indoor Sports Facility in Elmhurst

The Park Board and City of Elmhurst have hired Conventions, Sports & Leisure International (CSL) to conduct a market and financial feasibility study for an Indoor Sports Facility in Elmhurst. CSL, based in Minnesota, was selected from eight firms, of which five were interviewed by a joint panel of Park and City staff members.  Both the Park Board of Commissioners and the City of Elmhurst Development, Planning, and Zoning Committee gave concurrence to staff to proceed with the hiring of CSL for the study and a contract was signed on May 5, 2016.

Seventy New Trees Planted in Elmhurst Parks in Spring 2016

If you see new trees in your parks, it is all part of the Spring Tree Planting project.  Every year the Park District plants new trees, some for general landscape needs and others to replace those trees removed due to disease or invasive species, such as emerald ash borer. Operating in teams of 3-5 employees, the Parks Division worked hard over the winter months to remove over 300 ash trees due to emerald ash borer this year, in anticipation of replacing many of those trees this spring.

Park Board Approves Sealcoating the Salt Creek Greenway Trail within Elmhurst

Identified in the capital repair and replacement plan for 2016, the Park Board approved the bid to sealcoat the entire length of the Salt Creek Greenway Trail within Elmhurst.  In addition, the following paths will be seal coated; Berens Park paths at The Hub and the connector path from Fair Avenue to the Prairie Path.  The Plunkett Park basketball court will also be seal coated and striped as part of 2016’s seal coating and striping project approved bid totaling $11,493.

Park Board Votes to Improve and Enhance the Sled Hill at Ben Allison Park

You would think moving a pile of dirt to make a new sled hill would be easy, but that is not the case at Ben Allison Park.  Staff at the Park District have been concerned about safety issues at the “beginner sled hill.” The sledding area on the west side of the hill has a short run-out that ends abruptly at a fence and the north side of the hill has an extreme 10-foot vertical drop that ends in the adjacent roadway, Scott Street. In 2013, a barrier and signage was placed on the north edge of the hill to serve as directional control and channel sliders away from the hazard.