Courts Plus Camps Program Information

Courts Plus Camps

Courts Plus summer camps are offered for children ages preschool-junior high. We offer half-day and full-day options, with sign up options of two, three, or five days per session. Sunrise and Sunset Camps are available for families needing additional care. Courts Plus offers a variety of camps to accommodate every family’s needs for summer fun! For more information about Courts Plus camps please contact Carolyn Kelley, Kids Plus Supervisor at (630) 993-8902 or the Courts Plus service desk at (630) 833-5064.


Registration for all Courts Plus camps and before/after camp care must be taken at Courts Plus. Payment plans for Action Camp, Fun Camp, and Fit 4 U Teen Fitness Camp are available. Please download and submit forms directly to Courts Plus. Reservations for Sunrise/Sunset camps must be made at least the day before care is needed unless special permission is given by the Kids Plus supervisor.

Punch Cards

Families needing occasional additional care may purchase an hourly punch card for Sunrise or Sunset Care. This punch card is good for ten separate hours of supervised care. Cost for this card is $60 per 10 hours. Punch Cards are available for purchase at the Courts Plus service desk.


Please remember to save your receipts/confirmation if you plan to claim camp costs as childcare on your taxes. For lost receipts/confirmations, Courts Plus can provide financial reports for an additional fee. All requests for financial reports for the current year must be made no later than December 31. Elmhurst Park District tax I.D. # is 36-6005-865.