In May of 1961 the Elmhurst Park District entered into an agreement with the Joseph Lizzadro Family Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, to provide land for the construction and operation of the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art (Museum).

Current Projects

The Elmhurst Park District worked cooperatively with the City of Elmhurst to assist with storm water management. As part of the cooperative effort, the west portion of Golden Meadows Park is being sold to the City for use as storm water detention.

Current Projects
Plunkett Park Playground Project

Plans for the Plunkett Park playground project began in fall of 2016. Public feedback regarding the playground was solicited at that time through public forum and community surveys. The playground is expected to be completed in late 2017.

Current Projects
Vision 2020

This new comprehensive and strategic plan will help the Park Board determine the District’s future direction and priorities. This plan will be developed through 2017 and be activated after the current five-year comprehensive and strategic plan concludes in December of 2017.

Current Projects
 East End Park Project

Plans for renovating East End Park began in 2015.The playground was relocated from the southeast corner to a more centralized area of the park, as the existing playground was very close to the street. The move also allowed the playground to be near the public restrooms. East End Park neighbors and user surveys were considered in the playground's planning process and plans for the playground were approved in spring 2015.

Past Projects

The $1.8 million redevelopment of Butterfield Park provided for several other significant improvements, including new walking paths, new tennis courts and tennis court lighting, parking lot expansion, improvements in drainage to reduce flooding, underground drains in ballfields and new backstops

Past Projects
The Playground for Everyone

The vision for the Playground for Everyone at Butterfield Park is one of inclusion. Imagine a playground where every child can participate in all elements of the design.

Past Projects
Washington Park Playground Renovation

Renovated in 2013, Washington Park and its playground are ideal for the younger set or for a family picnic. The park also caters to older kids with a basketball court and baseball diamond.

Past Projects
Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration

The Park District was selected to receive a $1.84 million state grant to restore the conservatory and two greenhouses in Wilder Park. The 88 year old Wilder Park Conservatory was the Park District’s first capital project and was due for a facelift.

Past Projects

Ice Skating Closing

Eldridge Park Lagoon Ice Skating - CLOSED

As of Thursday, March 2, 2017 – The lagoon is CLOSED and the red flag is in place.
Staff tests the ice in 6 locations and all 6 locations need to reach a consistent (3 day) thickness of 8 inches before we will open the lagoon for skating.
The lagoon at Eldridge Park is used for ice skating during the winter months. Open water presents unique challenges for an ice skating rink. Ice is unpredictable due to changes in air and water temperature, salinity, water flow, snow cover, etc. Staff documents daily inspections of the ice at the lagoon. Once the ice reaches a consistent (3 day) thickness of 8 inches a green flag will be posted and the lagoon will be open for skating. 

Plunkett Park

1 month 1 week ago

Plans for the redevelopment of Plunkett Park playground moved forward at the Monday, March 13 Park Board meeting, with the Board approving both the Plunkett Park Playground Redevelopment Project and the Plunkett Park

3 months 4 days ago

At the Tuesday, January 17 Park Board Meeting, plans for the updating of Plunkett Park playground were approved.

Marjorie Davis Plot Project

1 week 5 days ago

The 2017 Marjorie Davis Garden Plot Project is underway. The construction and silt fencing has been installed and the tree removal has been completed.