2019 Fence Improvements Project

Scope of Project: 

The scope of the project includes the removal and replacement of chain link fence and a baseball backstop in Berens and Van Voorst parks within the Elmhurst Park District. Access and download bid documents here.



PLANS AND SPECIFCIATIONS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE ELMHURST PARK DISTRICT.  Improper forwarding of the contractual documents without written authorization by the Elmhurst Park District, is forbidden and shall be without liability to the Elmhurst Park District.

*** Plan Holders are required to input their FULL FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ENTIRE COMPANY NAME, AND CORRECT EMAIL to be able to download the contract documents.

*** Prospective Bidders in order to maintain an accurate Plan Holder List, you are required to provide correct contact information so that the Elmhurst Park District can attempt to notify you of any ADDENDA or pertinent information released to the Plan Holders. By not providing accurate information you are at risk for not receiving automatic notifications and are subject to manually checking the Elmhurst Park District website for any issued Addenda or pertinent information prior to Bid Opening.

*** Non-Prospective Bidders (i.e. Bid Data Companies).  By forwarding, reposting, or providing alternate means and methods to download the Plans and Specifications from any source other than https://www.epd.org/bids-rfp/2019-fence-improvements-project, you are jeopardizing maintaining an accurate Plan Holder List for issuing addenda, are AT RISK for providing inaccurate information to Prospective Bidders, and is without liability to the Elmhurst Park District.  ONLY REDIRECT PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS TO THE ELMHURST PARK DISTRICT WEBSITE https://www.epd.org/bids-rfp/2019-fence-improvements-project TO DOWNLOAD THE CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS.


Joseph Cogswell (630) 993-8939 | jcogswell@epd.org

Due Date: 
April 25, 2019 - 2:00pm
Opening Date: 
April 08, 2019 - 12:00pm
Opening Date Location: 

Elmhurst Park District
Administrative Office,
375 W. First St., Elmhurst, IL 60126