I have a Courts Plus Membership. Am I still being charged during the closure?

Monthly memberships, which have been on hold since April due to the pandemic, will be reinstated on September 1. The first monthly bill will be processed on September 15. Starting in October, bills will be processed on the first of the month. A partial credit resulting from the facility closure on March 14 has been put on your household account. If you have any credit on your Elmhurst Park District account resulting from overpaid membership fees or canceled programs, that credit will be applied to your membership fee before your card on file is charged. Expiration dates for annual memberships have also been extended by 171 days due the closure. More information will be sent directly to annual members ahead of your renewal date.

We are excited to announce that monthly membership rates have been reduced by as much as 25% for the remainder of the year. Rates will be as follows: $45 for an adult and $30 for an additional adult on your account; $35 for a senior and $24 for an additional senior on your account; $35 for individual young adults ages 18-22 and $24 for additional young adult on your account; and $16 for an individual youth 17 and under and $15 for an additional youth on your account.

Learn more about the current reopening plan at the Courts Plus website.

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