When will you start using the new system?

The new system will go live on November 1, and you will then have access to create or verify your account.

Programs from the Winter Brochure will be viewable in ActiveNet beginning Friday, December 1.

Beginning December 1, the majority of our registration processes will be done in ActiveNet. However, there are a few year long programs that will remain in RecTrac for the rest of 2024, along with their payments:

  • Sunbeams & Rainbows Preschool 2023/2024
  • Rec Station 2023/2024
  • Gymnastics Team, Impact Dance, Recital Dance until the end of season 2024. 
  • Tax Info 2023- Household data will be available in RecTrac through the end of April for tax purposes/reporting. 

Sunbeams & Rainbows Preschool and Rec Station will transition to ActiveNet with their next registration year, 2024/2025.