Long-Range Planning

20/20 Vision - Focus on the Future

The Board of Park Commissioners has approved engaging The Lakota Group to conduct a community needs assessment to be completed in fall of 2016 and the development of a comprehensive and strategic plan with completion by late May 2017.  Using a qualifications based selection process, the Board interviewed two professional service firms with experience conducting surveys and facilitating Comprehensive and Strategic Plan processes.   Staff was directed to review the top firm’s project budget and scope of the services and negotiate with the firm to reach an agreement on an appropriate fee for the project, which the Board approved on September 12, 2016.
To develop the District’s next strategic and comprehensive plan, the process will include an in-depth customer needs assessment, to be completed in fall of 2016, and the compilation and assessment of quantitative and qualitative data about the District’s parks, facilities, finances and operations.  In addition, community envisioning sessions and resident and staff vision and input will be translated into the District’s vision for the future and accompanying action plans. 
The District’s current five-year strategic plan and ten-year comprehensive plan conclude in December of 2017.  According to James Rogers, Executive Director of the Park District, “The combination of the feasibility study, resident survey, and comprehensive plan will help set the direction for the District for the next five-plus years.  This new plan will help the Park Board determine the District’s future direction and priorities given the continued challenges of limited tax revenues and the District’s desire to meet the ever changing recreation demands of the residents of Elmhurst.”

Strategic Plan

Mission statements are necessary to provide direction for an organization. However, once the mission statement is written, how does an organization accomplish its mission and achieve its goals? The Elmhurst Park District develops a Strategic Plan with seven key priorities and specific goals to be implemented over a five-year period. By developing a Strategic Plan through public feedback and community input, priorities and goals are mapped out to insure that the District reaches its mission of “lifetime enjoyment.” For more information on Strategic Plan-related initiatives, click on the links at the bottom of this page.  

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides the community, Board and staff a consistent long-range vision and specific direction regarding park and facility development including a comprehensive up-to-date assessment of District facilities and parks, guidelines for reviewing and evaluating future capital improvement projects and standards for ongoing park maintenance.

In 2005, the District hired Edwards and Kelcey, a planning firm, to assist with developing the District's Plan. The five phases for creating the plan included data collection and inventory, public participation, data analysis/assessment, visioning, and the development of the final comprehensive plan document. The public participation phase included the collection of public input through focus groups and public meetings and a scientific District-wide written survey in the spring of 2006. The Board approved the final Comprehensive Plan document in May of 2007. For more information, click on the link at the bottom of this page for a copy of the Comprehensive Plan document, which includes a summary of the 2006 Attitude and Interest Survey.

Indoor Facility Study

Indoor Facility Study Update
In January 2008, the District hired SRBL architects to conduct an indoor facility study, a priority of the District’s strategic plan. The study’s goal was to develop a comprehensive work plan for addressing future facility needs for both the District and community.

To accomplish this goal, SRBL created guidelines to develop the District’s facility priorities. The guidelines are to expand program space; improve support spaces (including offices, workspace, and storage space); and make technology improvements, while considering parking, customer service, “greening” facilities and aesthetics.

After analyzing the data and feedback, recommended solutions were identified that would meet overall District needs, including flexibility of space, improvement of outdated facilities, and appropriateness of geographic location. These solutions serve as guidelines for the Board, which will weigh economic feasibility and project timing when considering the implementation of recommended facility solutions.

Key recommendations include:

  • Relocating Senior Center and Administration Facility
  • Expanding Wagner Community Center
  • Rebuilding several preschool facilities
  • Maximizing expansions at Courts Plus Fitness Center
  • Adding a North Side Supplementary Storage Garage
  • Reconfiguring space at Sugar Creek Golf Course clubhouse and constructing a new golf maintenance facility

The Park District prioritized the recommendations into a multi-year Facility Master Plan based on needs and funding, and integrated the outcome of this process into the District’s Long-Range Capital Plan.  For more information, contact our Administrative Office at (630) 993-8900, or click the link at the bottom of this page for a copy of the Indoor Facility Study.