Living Tree Memorial Program *Currently Suspended*

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  • Tree Memorial Commemorative Plaque

*Currently Suspended*

Please note: The Living Tree Memorial Program is suspended as of October 25, 2020.

A Living Tree Memorial Program is offered by the Elmhurst Park District. Memorial trees may be donated to commemorate people, organizations and special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Once planted and marked with a bronze plaque, memorial trees are a long-lasting, living remembrance that will also benefit the community for many years to come. Living Tree Memorial form at the bottom of this page or call the Park District Landscape Architect at (630) 993-8939.

Tree Selections

Memorial trees may be selected from the following list. Prices vary according to species of tree.

Shade Trees

OAK ($750) MAPLE ($750)
Swamp White, Shingle, Burr, Red, English, Scarlet, Schumard, Chinkapin, White Norway Superform, Deborah, Emerald Lustre, Emerald Queen, Crimson King, Autumn Blaze, Red, Red Sunset, Green Mountain, Sugar, Black, October Glory
LINDEN ($750) BIRCH ($750)
American, Redmond, Glenleven, Greenspire, Silver River, Heritage
PEAR ($750) ELM, HYBRID ($750)
Chanticleer Valley Forge, Homestead, Patriot, Princeton American, Morton Redtip, Regal
OTHER ($750)  
European Beech, Gingko, Hackberry, Skyline Honeylocust, Tulip Tree, American Hornbeam, Serviceberry, Persian Parrotia, Catalpa, Redbud, Ohio Buckeye, Yellowwood, Ironwood, Katsura Tree, Amur Corktree, Kentucky Coffeetree, Black Walnut, Plane Tree, American Beech, Pagoda Tree

Evergreen Trees

PINE ($750) SPRUCE ($750)
Austrian, Eastern, Scotch, Bosnian, Jack, Limber, White Colorado Blue, Colorado Green, Norway, Black Hills, Serbian
FIR ($750) HEMLOCK ($750)
White, Douglas Canadian
OTHER ($750)  
Dawn Redwood, Japanese Larch, Bald Cypress  


Cast Bronze plaques are available for purchase through the Elmhurst Park District for installation adjacent to Memorial Trees. Plaques are set in concrete and installed flush with the ground at the base of the tree. Indicated prices include provision, installation and replacement of the plaque should damage or loss occur. Plaques may be ordered with the Tree Memorial, or may be purchased at any time thereafter. Six to eight weeks should be allowed for manufacture and delivery. See below for pricing information.

8" X 3" 3 20-25 30 $130.00
8" X 4" 4 20-25 40 $150.00
10" X 4" 4 25-30 50 $175.00
10" X 6" 6 25-30 60 $240.00

*Additional letters are priced at $1.00 per letter. There is no charge for commas and periods; however, dashes are counted and charged at the letter rate.


Trees may be placed at all of the Park District’s twenty-eight park sites, with the exceptions of Wilder Park, Glos Memorial Park and Washington Park, which already contain a large concentration of trees. Type of tree chosen or park preference may limit the options available. Exact locations will be coordinated at the time of purchase.

Existing trees at Wilder Park, Glos Memorial Park and Washington Park are available for adoption. Please inquire with the Park District Landscape Architect at (630) 993-8915. Thank you for your consideration in growing the Elmhurst Community urban forest.



The tree may be replaced at no cost to the donor should it not survive. Please note that broken branches or the natural shape of a tree are not considered reasons for replacement.


The plaque will be replaced at no cost to the donor if damage renders plaque unreadable.