2014 Green Team Update

This year, the Green Team was restructured to include Park District staff "whose regular job responsibilities provide the maximum opportunity to implement green practices.  The purpose of the work group is to investigate, recommend, and promote sustainability within the Park District"  (from its mission statement.) 

The group updated its Environmental Policy and mission statement, completed Illinois Park & Recreation Association (IPRA) report card scoring, and is nearly finished with a new sustainability audit, which has been changed to focus more on sustainable actions that everyone can do at their work stations.  Additionally, the Green Team is revising the 2014-18 Environmental Long-Range Plan, as well as vehicle replacement criteria.

Green Team members reduced carbon build-up by planting new and replacement trees to counter the effects of Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch Elm Disease, and global warming.  Maintenance shop lighting was replaced with more efficient T8 fixtures, and all 142 Sugar Creek Clubhouse lightbulbs were replaced with energy-efficient LED bulbs, decreasing total interior lighting wattage from 14,000W to 3,000W.  Additionally, the Eldridge Rec Building's aging roof was replaced.  The new roof boasts reflective surfacing which reduces the under roof temperature, decreasing the amount of heat transfer into the building and lessening the workload on the building's HVAC system.