Berens Park North Tennis Courts Reopen for Play

The north tennis courts at Berens Park are once again open. The refurbishment of the courts was completed this week, as new nets and posts were installed. 

The Board approved the resurfacing project for the tennis courts, at their February 27 Park Board Meeting at a cost of $121,946.17. The scope of the project included adding a layer of stone on top of the existing surface and overlaying with new asphalt and color coating. The tennis net posts and nets were replaced at a cost of $3,240.

The courts were in need of renovation due to cracking and surface issues. They had not had a major overhaul since they were constructed in 2004. These courts in particular receive heavy usage from York High School varsity and summer programs, District tennis lessons and public recreational play. The project ensures that the community will continue to enjoy use of these courts for years to come.