Pickleball Court Makes Its Park District Debut…But What Is Pickleball?

  • Pickleball at East End Park

East End Park’s Playground is getting a makeover this fall, but the playground is not the only new feature at East End Park. When the tennis courts were repainted this year a pickleball court was added, the first court of its kind for Elmhurst Park District. Players can find the pickleball court on court three, defined by the bright green lines.

Pickleball is rising in popularity across the country as a fast paced racquet game which is fun for all ages and skill levels. The game combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong and is played with a paddle and plastic ball, similar to a wiffle ball.

The game of pickleball began in 1965, when two dads in Bainbridge Island, Washington had a group of bored kids and an old badminton court. Improvising with ping-pong paddles and a wiffle ball, the game was born.

One of the main differences between pickleball and other racquet or paddle sports, is the serve. In pickleball, players must serve underhand and the ball must bounce once on each side of the net before volley is allowed. The removal of an “ace” serve as a way to earn points opens up the game to more volley, extends play and allows players of all ages and abilities to easily participate.

Interested in learning more? Check out the USA Pickleball Association’s website for more information and stop by East End Park to try it out!