Summer Registration changes include Virtual Waiting Room, expanded Registration dates

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With the release of the Summer Brochure, Elmhurst Park District is looking toward the upcoming Summer Registration dates with the intention of ensuring users have a positive experience. The Park District understands many users were frustrated during registration this spring, and the Board and staff are being proactive in making changes. These changes include separating out gymnastics registration to reduce the high volume of traffic on the Park District’s registration software, and implementing a new virtual waiting room feature.

  • Gymnastics registration: Saturday, April 30 at 8 a.m.
  • Resident registration: Saturday, May 7 at 8 a.m.
  • Non-resident registration: Tuesday, May 10 at 8 a.m.

Virtual Waiting Room

The Park District’s software vendor, Vermont Systems Inc, has recently rolled out a new virtual waiting room feature that will be implemented beginning with summer registration on April 30. The virtual waiting room will help manage high-volume registration events, ensuring that user volume does not exceed the website’s ability to provide a responsive registration experience.

On registration day, you will sign into the site as usual. Five minutes prior to registration, if user volume exceeds the software’s capability, a virtual waiting room will engage and all users logged in will enter a waiting room where you will receive your spot in line. You will keep your place in the waiting room line even if your phone goes to sleep, you lose your internet connection, or you close the virtual waiting room page, provided you log back in on the same device using the same browser.

Once it’s your turn to register you will be redirected to the registration site where you can browse the site and complete your transactions.

As a reminder, this new virtual waiting room feature will only kick-in if user volume exceeds the software’s capability. Otherwise, users will simply enter the site when registration opens.

Tips for a positive experience

Single Household Login

The Park District’s software vendor, Vermont Systems Inc, has recently rolled out a “Login Warning – Active Session Alert” regarding, multiple Household logins. You may see this prompt if you attempt to login using your Household account, multiple times. As a reminder, logging into your account from multiple devices and/or browsers at the same time will cause your session to be dropped and all items in your cart to be removed.

Login early

Make sure to login prior to the 8 a.m. registration time. If you arrive early, you will receive a random spot in the virtual waiting room line when the registration event begins. If you arrive at the site after registration begins, you will receive the next available spot in line.

Ensure your account is up-do-date

Prior to registration ensure your EPD account is ready to go.

  • Verify or set-up login information on our registration page, including username and password.
  • Once logged in - update or set-up your household account, including contact information, household members, address and residency status.
  • Make sure any household members who will be making reservations or attending programs are already listed on the household account, such as children or spouses.
  • Use our Contact Form to contact us for assistance with locked accounts, adding household family members/birthdates and address changes or to provide “proof of residency”.

We also recommend downloading the Virtual Waiting Room FAQ, which gives more detail on the new process.

The Park District looks forward to residents checking out the Summer Brochure and registering for programs. Staff and the Park Board continue to be committed to providing a positive experience on our website and in our programs.

Elmhurst Park District Summer 2022 Brochure



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