Tree Memorials Provide Long-Lasting Legacy for Families, Organizations

Elmhurst Parks are enjoyed by many, not just for their playgrounds and ball fields, but for the trees that provide year-round interest and character. Indeed, one of the most popular ways to partner with the Elmhurst Park District is through the Living Tree Memorial Program. Memorial trees can be donated to commemorate people, organizations and special events. Marked with a bronze plaque once they are planted, these living memorials are an enduring legacy which all can enjoy.
Those who donate have a variety of trees to choose from for their tree memorial, with prices varying according to the species of tree. Trees may be placed at any of the Park District’s park sites, although type of tree chosen or park preference may limit the options available. All these decisions will be coordinated at the time of purchase.
The Park District understands the importance that many of these trees take on for the families and park visitors who cherish them. With this in mind, the Park District guarantees that memorial trees will be replaced at no cost to the donor should it not survive.
The challenge of tree replacement is one that the Park District has been meeting head on for the past few years. Emerald ash borer, an invasive species which has caused the death and removal of thousands of ash trees across the country, has affected many trees throughout Elmhurst parks, including memorial trees. Over this past winter alone, the Parks Division removed over 300 ash trees due to emerald ash borer. Tree replacement projects for those that were removed are ongoing, with 70 trees planted in spring 2016.
Tree removals and replacements will continue this winter and next spring as the Park District works to maintain the beauty and shade that park visitors enjoy and the tree memorials that many value.
Those interested in a Living Tree Memorial can call (630) 993-8939 or visit the Memorials page.