Wagner Community Center roofing project begins August 6

The Wagner Community Center roofing project begins Monday, August 6 and is scheduled to be completed August 24. During the project, Wagner will remain open for regular hours. The contractor will be staging equipment and supplies in the west parking lot and they will be using a large vacuum truck to remove the gravel from the surface of the Wagner roof during the first phase of the project.

The west parking lot, sidewalk and building emergency exits will remain open to patrons and staff during the project. During the gravel removal process there will be noise both inside and outside and some dust outside at ground level near the vacuum truck. The contractor estimates 4-5 days to remove the gravel. The contractor will also be removing and replacing the skylights in the hallways.

Status updates will be provided as work is completed. Contact Mike Monell at (331) 625-0677 with questions and concerns.