Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration Project - Going Green

The Propagating House is going green, as plants have been moved back into the facility from their temporary homes throughout the District.  Meanwhile, carpenters are installing the wood windows and doors in the Conservatory.   They are also framing the new Conservatory vestibule.  The use of wood in the Conservatory is part of the restoration process, returning the structure to its original form.  The installation of the new fence surrounding the Propagating House has been completed and provides a secure area for the storage of materials.  Behind the scenes Park District staff is preparing to move back into the facility by painting the garage and office area, installing new shelves and soil bins, replacing old light fixtures with more efficient models, and renovating the facility bathroom.  Over the next few weeks more plants, tools, and materials will make their way over to the facility.  The Wilder Park Conservatory and Greenhouse Restoration Project is closer than ever to completion.