Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration Project - Rounding Third and Heading Home

Construction crews are in the final stages of the Wilder Park Conservatory and Greenhouse Restoration Project.  The most noticeable progress is that nearly all the glass panels are up in the Conservatory, Greenhouse, and Propagating House.  The remaining sections of glass are custom jobs.  The glass panels on the east and west walls of the Link all must be hand-cut due to their shape, while the perimeter wood-framed windows for the Conservatory are being custom-made in order to maintain the historical character required by the restoration guidelines.  Meanwhile the perimeter LED lights are being hung; these energy efficient lights will illuminate the outline of the Conservatory.  And the boilers are operational, providing heat to the facility.  New benches for plants have been installed in the Greenhouse and Propagating House, offering staff a more efficient growing space with which to work.   The benches can be easily moved to care for plants that in the past would have been difficult to reach.  Before we know it those empty glass houses will be filled with a beautiful variety of colorful plants.  For more information or questions, contact Angela Ferrentino at (630) 993-8915.