Parks Maintenance

During a regular maintenance season (April to October), turf areas (primarily athletic fields) within the District are treated once in the spring with a single application slow release fertilizer and a single broadleaf weed application in late September.  Additionally, spot spraying with a non-selective herbicide is applied to tree rings and shrub beds to control grass and weeds that exist in the mulch.  Spot spraying primarily takes place from June to August.

The fertilizer applications and spot spraying are completed by state-licensed District staff and the broadleaf weed control is applied by state-licensed contractors.  The application areas are marked with white flags and are safe to enter once the product has dried.  All applications are dependent on pest levels, budget, staff availability, and weather, and, as a result, some parks may not receive any applications from one year to the next. 

For further information regarding pesticide and fertilizer applications please email the Director of Parks or call (630) 993-8940.