10 and Under Tennis Programs

Our 10 and Under program is the cornerstone of all our tennis programming at Courts Plus. Players of all ages develop through the various stages of learning by following our Junior Development Pathway.

It focuses on making the sport of tennis fun, with equipment rules and court size just right for children at different levels of development. The balls bounce lower, don’t move as fast through the air and are easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to cover. The benefits of this format are immediate; within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited about the game. 10 and Under Tennis is a core focus at Courts Plus. We believe in developing the athlete from a young age and our instructors have been specifically trained to implement creative and fun classes with a progressing structure. The program is designed to ensure improvement within each learning stage, but most of all instill a love for the game.

StageAgesCourtBallRacquet Size
Red Court3-8 yrs.36’red/foamup to 23”
Orange Court6-8 yrs.60’orangeup to 25”
Green Court7-10 yrs.78’/full courtgreen   up to 27”
Yellow Court11 yrs. +78’/full courtyellow/standard27”/full size

Mighty Mites - ages 3-5

This curriculum develops young players 3-5 years old. The main focus is learning the primary stages of athletic skills such as movement, balance and hand-eye coordination. Individual or team games and fun activities help develop basic techniques and simple tactics. Mighty Mites use a foam ball and play on a 36” court to maximize learning and fun.

Little Athletes - ages 6-8

The basic tennis strokes are further developed; rallying is introduced along with basic match tactics. Little Athletes use a combination of the foam ball/red ball and play on a 36” court to maximize learning and fun. Level 1 is for ages 6-7 (Foam Ball/Red Ball) and Level 2 is for ages 6-8 (Red Ball).

Big Athletes - ages 8-10

This curriculum is for players 8-10 years old. Big Athletes play with USTA approved compression balls on a 36”-60” court. These classes are divided into two separate groups: 8-9 & 8-10+ years old. The focus of these classes is development of proper technique and learning tactics. Players are introduced to the scoring system and in some cases can begin to play tennis tournaments. Level 1 is for ages 8-9 (Orange Ball) and Level 2 is for ages 8-10 (Orange Ball).

Future Stars - ages 7-10

For players who are ready for a bigger challenge and exemplify strong abilities and interest in tennis, we offer a Future Stars class. This class is for 6-10 year olds and meets twice per week. This program includes footwork and agility training each class and an option for match play during the semester. Players in this program are encouraged to play USTA 10 and Under Tennis tournaments and Power Kids practice team.

Private Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are available for junior players. Participants have the opportunity to arrange private as well as semi-private or private group lessons. For more information regarding fall private lessons, please contact the Courts Plus Service Desk at (630) 833-5064.