Academy Program

Academy Program is designed for the more serious players who have made a commitment to tennis through tournament play and the goal of playing on Varsity Tennis Teams. A yearlong development plan is designed to improve strength and create a roadmap for achieving player’s goals through speed, agility, balance and improvement in strokes. Players in this program should commit to playing two days per week with an optional match play or Jr. Team Tennis on the weekends. Players are placed into appropriate programs by their ability rather than age. A complete player requires a disciplined training regimen including intense tennis sessions, agility, strength, and conditioning using tennis specific workout methods, nutrition training, mentoring and much more.

Junior Academy - ages 10-14

Players in this program are looking to improve their game and are committed to making their Junior Varsity or Varsity Teams. Players work hard on footwork, consistency, accuracy, and point development as well as an optional off-court physical fitness class. Improvement in discipline, concentration and mental toughness is anticipated. Players can graduate from this program to the Senior Academy and on select occasions straight into the Elmhurst Elite Tennis Program.

Senior Academy - ages 12-18

The Academy Program at Courts Plus is designed for the more serious players who have made a commitment to tennis through striving to get a USTA ranking, playing JV or Varsity Tennis. Our goal is to provide a highly originated and energetic program. Players work intensively on footwork, consistency, accuracy, point development and tactics.

Tournament High School Group - ages 13-18

This program is geared toward juniors who want to continue improving their skills so they can compete at the highest level and raise their ranking. Participants are trying to make their Varsity team. Participants must commit to a two-day-per-week schedule, which will focus on consistency, aggressive play, strategy, footwork and conditioning. Players are expected to be disciplined, dedicated and give 110% effort while on the court.

Junior Team Tennis - ages 7-14

Junior Team Tennis is all about building your game while enjoying the support of your teammates. Players gain valuable experience from both competing and watching matches, which is vital for improvement. Competitive games and learning official match play rules are a key component of this invitation-only orange ball program. Power Kids is geared toward competitive orange ball players who want additional play and competition, with opportunities to compete against other clubs. Players are invited to participate in this weekly program with pro's recommendation.