Adult Tennis Programs

Courts Plus offers adult lessons at all levels. Players may also enjoy our Drill and Play or Cardio Tennis programs. Contact the Courts Plus Service Desk at (630) 833-5064 for Adult Tennis program registration information.

Beginning Adult

Concentration is on learning basic strokes, rules and etiquette. This level is for those with no previous tennis experience.

Advanced Beginning Adult

This player has limited tennis experience or has completed Courts Plus Adult Beginner lessons. They are still working on stroke/rally consistency and need to develop their serve.

Intermediate Adult

This player has had some formal instruction, is able to perform basic strokes and executes serve with proper motion. Consistency also will be emphasized along with a more focused sense of footwork and ball placement. Feeding drills and some point play drill will be used.

Advanced Adult

This player has had formal instruction and/or is an avid player with the ability to place shots with groundstrokes and volleys. They play competitively at times and know the rules of match play. The class focuses on footwork, strategy and the ability to hit varying types of shots at different heights and speeds.

Adult Drill and Play

These drill classes are for those who play intermediate to advanced tennis and want to learn the strategy for doubles competition.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun class featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate high-energy workout set to music. Our trained Cardio Tennis instructors will lead you through warm-up, cardio workout, and cool down phases of a heart pumping workout. This is a great new way to get in shape and burn calories.

Evening Advanced Men's Drill

Men who play advanced tennis (4.0 and above) and want to work at a higher paced, competitive level will enjoy this drill. The drill focuses on movement and doubles strategy. 

Private Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are available for adult players. Participants have the opportunity to arrange private as well as semi-private or private group lessons. For more information regarding private lessons, please contact the Courts Plus Service Desk at (630) 833-5064.