Early Childhood Program Information

Tinker Toddler Time 
12-30 mos. (adult/child)
Tinker Toddler Time provides the perfect semi-structured environment for your child to learn and explore with the comfort of a parent or caregiver guiding the way.  Activities include arts & crafts, music & movement, stories, songs, and individualized play.  The Tinker Toddler Time program is carefully designed to provide age-appropriate experiences that enhance gross and fine motor development and social skills.
Huggy Bear Twos
22-34 mos. (adult/child)
Huggy Bear Twos encourages children and their caring adults to enjoy a unique learning and play experience.  Weekly themes capture the interest of children and adults as they explore the Huggy Bear Twos classroom.  Activities include arts & crafts, music, movement, games, songs, stories, and imaginative play.  
Lit’l Butterflies
24-32 mos. (as of September 1)
Lit’l Butterflies is a yearlong introductory preschool program with an emphasis on social interaction, emotional growth and learning through play.  Children will enjoy arts & crafts, music & movement, stories, sensory, and motor activities.  Pull-ups are permitted—parent/caregiver must be available to change within fifteen minutes.  
Wee Threes
32-40 mos. (as of September 1)
Wee Threes caters to children who missed the fall Sunbeams & Rainbows cut-off date but are ready for a yearlong preschool experience.  Classroom centers and activities are carefully designed and selected to encourage learning through play, socialization, and the development of gross and fine motor skills.  Children will explore, discover, and learn as they partake in individual, small and large group experiences.  Pull-ups are permitted—parent/caregiver must be available to change within fifteen minutes.  
Kids’ Great Escape
3-5 years
This weekly adventure program is filled with playtime, socialization, arts & crafts, stories, and gross motor activities that help develop a child’s mind and body.  Kids’ Great Escape is the perfect complement to a preschool program or as a stand-alone class.  Send a healthy, nut-free lunch with your child.  

Safety Town

Located at The Depot/Wild Meadows Trace, Safety Town is a miniature Elmhurst community especially designed for the educational instruction of safety programs for young children. This program allows children to explore safety concerns in a familiar environment as they experience them first hand.

Safety Town is designed to ensure safety education needs are reflected in the structures and amenities of the town. Amenities include an actual railroad crossing, a residential and business area, streets with sidewalks and curbs, traffic signs, a parking lot for bicycles, a park and miniature buildings. The site also includes a fire hydrant, pay phone and drinking fountain. The miniature community has been designed to reflect the Elmhurst community with a distinct downtown and residential area.