Gymnastics Information

Gymnastics General Information

  • All classes are held at the Wagner Community Center.
  • For the safety of all concerned, anyone who is not participating in a class (i.e. siblings, friends, parents, etc.) is not allowed in the gym. A progress report from your gymnasts' instructor will be distributed on the seventh week of a session indicating skill development as well as suggestions for future registrations.
  • All non-participants are asked to remain in the lobby area until class is completed.
    For safety concerns we no longer host Parent View Weeks. 
  • For safety and comfort, proper attire is mandatory for gymnastics participants:
    Girls: gymnastics leotard or shorts and t-shirt (no tights, no jewlery.)
    Boys: shorts or sweatpants and t-shirt.
  • Bare feet are best. Clothing with buttons, zippers and/or snaps is unacceptable as it presents a safety hazard for both participants and instructors.
  • Participants are not allowed to chew gum, nor is food or drink allowed in the gymnastics center.
  • Participants must remain off the equipment and floor mat until it is their class time and they are called to class by their instructor.
  • In an effort to provide quality instruction while maintaining appropriate ratios we do not offer make ups for missed classes.
  • The gymnastics staff reserves the right to move students to the appropriate level if needed.