Stormwater Information Timeline

September 24, 2014 Park Board Meeting

There were 11 visitors present and four visitors provided comments to the Park Board.  To view a transcript of these comments please click on the Complete Board Minutes attached below.

Unfinished Business – Stormwater Management Discussion

Executive Director Rogers reviewed with the Park Board a York Commons decision making matrix developed by the stormwater subcommittee and the City’s conceptual storm sewer layout for York Commons to help facilitate discussion.  Commissioner Spaeth stated the matrix will aid the Park Board in making an educated decision when the time comes.  Commissioner Howard added that the matrix provides four separate options with various positive and negative outcomes.  V3 Engineering and Burke Engineering, as highly professional engineering firms, have worked well together in helping both entities find a resolution for the community.  Board President Ubriaco stated that the City and Park District have developed a much more productive way of working together in getting beyond the surface and coming up with viable options and good alternatives that provide the community with some ideas for both the long and short term.  Commissioner Morissette-Moll stated that the Park Board is conducting due diligence by listening to residents' concerns and taking into account the Board’s responsibility in protecting the parks and agreed with Commissioner Howard in the benefit the Park District's website has been in providing accurate information.  The Park Board is anxious to come to a decision as soon as possible by doing its best to serve its residents. 

Executive Director Rogers reminded visitors of the October 1, 2014 Public Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at The Abbey.  The meeting will be interactive, audio recorded and likely video recorded.  Park Board Commissioners are not required to attend as the meeting will be held similar to other Park District public meetings where the objective is to gather public feedback and provide accurate information. The Park Board may attend as audience members only but must refrain from engaging in discussions with each other as such engagements may be subject to the Open Meetings Act requirements.  Park Board Commissioners are also not to engage in discussion with the audience but direct them to the meeting panel.  Commissioners Howard and Spaeth will serve on the panel as stormwater subcommittee members only.  The latest information received from the City regarding three additional sites being studied has been posted on the District’s website.  One of the sites involves Crestview Park, which will also be reviewed at the Public Meeting. 

Future Agenda

Board consensus was to remove Stormwater Discussion following completion of V3 study of
May 14, 2014 as the Board has had ongoing collaboration and discussions. 

September 10, 2014 Park Board Meeting

Unfinished Business -   Stormwater Subcommittee Report – Spaeth, Howard, Rogers and Stormwater Management Discussion

There were four letters read into the record and seven visitors provided comments during the Public Comments section of the meeting.  To view a complete transcript of these communications please click on the Complete Meeting Minutes attached below.

This agenda item was moved from agenda item #6b during the ADDITIONS/DELETIONS/ CHANGES TO AGENDA portion of the meeting.

  • The City updated the subcommittee on the Cayuga residents public meeting held on September 8.  The City is preparing responses to Cayuga residents’ 27 questions.
  • Park District representatives re-stated that the Park District is not in a position to respond to the City’s formal request prior to September 30 particularly since it has scheduled a Public Meeting on October 1 and because the Park Board has yet to thoroughly discuss Golden Meadows Park.
  • The topic of stormwater has not been on the School Board’s agenda.  As of now, the School District will first delegate the review of the intergovernmental agreement.  The PTA has been asked to consider the use of school property for stormwater in order to raise awareness among the school community, which is ongoing.
  • The City commissioned Burke after the 2013 storms to look at three other areas in addition to the areas from 2010.  The three areas (2013) are (1) bounded by First Street to North Avenue and West Avenue to Larch.  The Park District's Administrative Offices fall within those boundaries but Park District property is not involved in those boundaries.  (2) The Collegeview neighborhood area, west of York High School, which does not involve Park District property.  (3) Consideration was to use portions of Crestview Park.  Plans for these locations will be presented to the City Council next Monday, September 15.  The City will send a copy of those plans to the Park District prior to the City Council meeting.
  • The Subcommittee discussed the York Commons overflow route and the option of having it at the south part of the site along the fence at the property line or possibly placing it between the pool fence and the pump house and the playground.  Discussed the area further and indicated that the Park District will consult with V3 Engineering.

Commissioner Spaeth added:

 The subcommittee looked at three or four options for York Commons weighing in the number of homes impacted and caveats to solutions.  All information gathered from discussions and public meetings will be presented to Park Board at the appropriate time to aid in its decision(s). 

Commissioner Howard added:

The Park Board will not do anything that is not workable, increases a risk to a neighborhood, and favors one neighborhood over another.  We will not be forced to do anything.  We will fulfill our duty by doing what is right for the Park District and the taxpayers.  We are listening.  We are making significant progress.  Some residents have been disturbed with Burke Engineering, they are professionals and V3 does see eye to eye with them on several item

September 8, 2014 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

Items Discussed:

Neighborhood meeting updates:

The City Council informed the committee that the first meeting with the Cayuga residents had been held and that a second meeting was scheduled for Monday evening, September 8.  The City received 27 questions submitted by Cayuga residents and they were in the process of preparing responses to those inquiries. 

Progress on formal request letters from the City.:

The City requested an update from the Park and School District regarding the formal letter of request for property usage to construct stormwater detention basins.  Park District representatives stated we are not in a position to respond prior to September 30 for a number of reasons including our scheduled Public Meeting on October 1 and additional deliberation required for both York Commons and Golden Meadows. The School District reported that the topic had not been placed on the School Board's agenda, but it may be discussed under Board Communications. The School District is concerned with looking at the intergovernmental agreement first and will delegate the review to one of their committees.  The Burke recommendations have been shared with the PTA Council for their consideration and to help raise awareness among the school community

City introduced three additional study areas:

After the storms of 2013, the City commissioned Burke to look at three additional flood-prone areas.

Area One - Bounded by First Street to North Avenue and West Avenue to Larch.  The Park District's Administrative Offices fall within these boundaries, but no Park District park or open space property is located in the area.

Area Two - The College view neighborhood, west of York High School.  There is also no Park District property located in this area.

Area Three - North Elmhurst near Crestview Park. The new proposals include utilization of two areas in the park and the City indicated copies of these proposed plans would be shared with the Park District prior to the Monday, September 15, 2014 City Council meeting.

York Commons discussion:

The Subcommittee discussed the proposed overflow route and the possibility of moving the route north between the pool fence, pump house and playground. Park District will consider and consult with V3 Engineering on the possibility. Various options continue to be discussed with emphasis on the number of homes possibly impacted by each consideration.

August 27, 2014 Park Board Meeting

There were two letters read and five visitors provided comments during the Public Comment portion of the Park Board Meeting.  To view a transcript of these comments please click on the Complete Board Minutes attached below. 

Unfinished Business - Stormwater Subcommittee Report – Spaeth, Howard, Rogers

This agenda item was moved from agenda item #6c during the ADDITIONS/DELETIONS/ CHANGES TO AGENDA portion of the meeting. 

Executive Director Rogers gave a brief overview of items added to the stormwater webpage and announced that Greg Wolterstorff of V3 Engineering was in attendance at the Board Meeting.

·       At the meeting were representatives from the Park District, School District, City of Elmhurst, Burke Engineers, V3 Engineer Greg Wolterstorff.  The group discussed the City's July 28 approval of its stormwater prioritization and subsequent formal request of August 14, 2014 sent to both the Park District and School District with a requested approval date of September 30.  The subcommittee was informed that the Park District would not be in a position to make a decision about York Commons and Golden Meadows by September 30 particularly since the Park Board has set a date for the public meeting on Wednesday, October 1 at The Abbey.  Additionally, although the Park Board has invested a significant amount of time to the proposed York Commons detention site it has yet to vet and review Golden Meadows from an engineering perspective.  The public meeting will allow the entire community, including those not directly affected by the proposed detention basin, to become informed of how the parks are being requested to be used.  The meeting will address misconceptions and provide accurate information.

  •  Park District representatives questioned the necessity or lack thereof of the west lobe at York Commons considering its relatively minor impact to helping protect against flooding as to the possibility of providing an inlet to the detention basin from east of Cayuga to take some of the water flow that comes down Cayuga from the east before it even gets there.
  • Inquired about the proposed overflow of the basin as to how it may function.  This same question was discussed at the City's public meeting on August 25, 2014.
  • Discussed timeframes and the City's desire pending approval from the Park District to undertake further engineering over the next six months and potentially begin construction Spring 2015.  Executive Director Rogers advised the City that Spring 2015 would not be optimal for the Park District as it would interfere with the summer pool season.  He did suggest, if an agreement is reached, construction be scheduled after the Summer 2015 pool season.
  • Commissioner Spaeth stated that as the subcommittee looks at York Commons, it will be presented to the Park Board in different silos of options.  The options could then be vetted by the Board by listing pros and cons in order to make an informed decision weighing in residents’ feedback, future impact to the parks, and the number of homes relieved from flooding.  The Board must balance the investment of the parks and the community’s.  The public meeting on October 1, 2014 will provide more input from the community and help the Park Board move closer to making a decision on the issue.  
  • Executive Director Rogers stated that working with V3 has provided information to attain a better understanding of how the basins might function in different components.  Park Board subcommittee members’ goal is to lay out all of the parameters for the Park Board and the public. 

Stormwater Management Discussion

Commissioner Pelosi asked the subcommittee how the Park District can include safeguards in its agreement with the City against overflowing from the detention basin to Cayuga streets.  Executive Director Rogers responded that engaging V3 Engineering to review Burke’s designs as they progress from its initial designs of 5% to approximately 15% to 20% is the Park District’s best safeguard. As the designs continue, the Park Board will have continual approval rights in their agreement.  V3 will continue to review the plans all the way along through construction to oversee and ensure the detention basin is built to the specifications of the approved plans.

At the City’s Cayuga street public meeting, Burke spoke about designing an overflow channel at York Commons that would go from the basin towards the parking lot then out to the corner of York and Cayuga.  The challenge there is when the water gets to York and Cayuga there is nowhere for it to go because it’s already backed up.  In order to address that, the basin could be designed to only take in water up to the 100-year rain level so the likelihood of overflow directed to York and Cayuga would be diminished. 

If the Park Board agrees that they will provide protection for a 50-year rain event up to the 100-year event, then the notion would be that the basin would not start taking water in until the levels reach the 50-year rain then shut off at the 100-year rainfall level.  If it keeps raining and it is a 200-year or 500-year rainfall, the basin will overflow.  In an event of a 500-year rainfall, the entire community would flood. 

During the zero to 50 year rainfalls, the water would bypass the basin and go directly to the sewers, streets, curbs, and gutters as designed.  The basins will not be designed for rainfalls less than 50 years.  Once Crescent reaches the 50-year rain, the water would go into the park and continue to take in water until it reaches the 100-year level.  At the 100-year level, the basin will stop taking in water and any water would stay on Crescent, which is unfortunate but these are not be all end all solutions for no one taking in water.  The notion is that at a 125-year rain, there may be four or five homes that would take in water.  In order to deter overflow to Cayuga, the Park Board would incorporate stopping points for water intake. 

To be part of the solution, the Park District will find a reasonable balance to meet the City's needs without causing detriment to the recreational amenities or to remain whole without negatively impacting surrounding neighbors.  There is no guarantee that any detention basin will not overflow.  Currently, some parks take in water because they are at the lowest point in an area, but these parks may overflow when that area is full.  Residents may complain that the park overflowed their home when the park actually reduced the amount of water that would have flowed into their home because it held water directed towards homes.

Commissioner Kies stated that she attended the City's Cayuga meeting, took notes, and heard residents’ ideas, which she believes should be explored since they are experiencing the flooding and may have viable solutions.  Burke was unable to answer some of the residents’ questions.  She visited Pine, Clinton, and Geneva streets after the August 21, 2014 rainfall witnessing waist deep water.  It was not determined what ‘year’ the August 21 rainfall was, but rainfall measured 4.5 inches in a short period of time.  Commissioner Kubiesa inquired whether a similar rainfall be part of the cutoff parameters for water intake at the proposed basin for Golden Meadows in order to prevent overflow to surrounding streets.  Executive Director Rogers agreed it be part of the considerations for all the parks.

Commissioner Kubiesa asked safety be considered due to her visit to East End Park two days after the August 21 rainfall, which left standing water with a strong unpleasant odor. She recommended the use of artificial turf in some of the proposed basin locations. 

Executive Director Rogers stated that there are no guarantees either the basins will not overflow.  Gravity fed basins would be the best option as they are not susceptible to mechanical failure of pumps and lifts.  Even though a gravity-fed pipe is maintained and monitored, an animal can block it with a nest or burrow.  If there is a 100-year storm and it is plugged up, it is not going to work.  There are no guarantees for the basin to be foolproof ever. 

President Ubriaco noted that she met with Mayor Morley on August 25, 2014.  He stated that it was important for the City to include a date but does not expect an answer from the Park Board by that date.  He agrees that all of the work completed thus far has been productive with good progress.  The City also is aware that while they were setting the date of September 30, we were setting our date for our public meeting, which is customary for the Park District to hold a public meeting before making changes to any park.  It is important for the entire community to at least understand and be aware of what could transpire going forward.  Mayor Morley specifically asked that constraints and conditions be identified specifically.  Mr. Wolterstorff added that thus far, the Park Board with the help of V3 has done a very good job of coming up with concerns and vetting them to what is feasible and realistic to what the City can accomplish. 

Commissioner Howard stated that stormwater management is not the Park District's mission.  The Park Board must respond to user groups of the parks.  This issue has taken a significant amount of the Executive Director's time.  Stormwater management is the Park Board's secondary responsibility even though our subcommittee has taken it as our primary responsibility by applying its best efforts.  The progress we have made in the first nine months equates to the progress we made in five months due to V3 Engineering's help.  Having an engineer in the room has been the difference between first year and fourth year.  We are doing our best.  Be assured that if we say 'yes' it will be with conditions.  It will not be carte blanche we need to protect the parks.  It is our responsibility to promote them to our primary user groups. 

Commissioner Ubriaco thanked the subcommittee for their time and efforts. 

August 18, 2014 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

Representatives from the Elmhurst Park District, City of Elmhurst, and School District 205 were in attendance in addition to the engineers from Burke Engineering and V3 Engineering.

The group reviewed and discussed the City Council’s July 28 approval of its Stormwater Project Prioritization and the subsequent formal requests, dated August 14, that were sent to both the Park District and School District which included a requested approval date by each respective board of September 30, 2014.

Discussion then took place concerning a number of points related to York Commons.  The first was the necessity of the east lobe given its relatively minor impact in helping to provide protection.  A second was the possibility of providing an inlet to the detention basin from the east of Cayuga, in addition to the inlet from the west end.  Finally, discussion took place concerning the proposed overflow for the basin and how it might function.  The City then expressed their desire, pending approval, to undertake further engineering over the next six months and begin construction in spring  2015.  Park District staff noted that, if an agreement were to be reached, construction would not be able to begin until September after the completion of the pool season because it would not be possible to undertake a major construction project with hundreds of patrons entering and exiting the park and parking lot each day in the summer, nor would the Park District be able to close the pool for the entire summer. 

August 13, 2014 Park Board Meeting

There were 15 visitors who provided comments during the Public Comments portion of the Board Meeting.  To view a transcript of these comments please click on the Complete Meeting Minutes attached below.  After the comments,  Board President Ubriaco thanked visitors for attending the meeting and voicing their concerns and opinions.  She invited guests to stay for the Board’s stormwater management discussion agenda item.  She further stated that the City’s vote on stormwater prioritization is important for the City but the lack of a to prioritization to date has not held the Park Board back in its pursuit of answers for good solutions and addressing the issue.

Unfinished Business - Storm Water Discussion and Subcommittee Report

Committee Comments:

  • Commissioner Spaeth stated that the subcommittee has been spending hundreds of hours on the stormwater issue in order to conduct due diligence in reviewing overall strategies and obtain a solution that will have minimal impact on operations and frequency. 
  •  Although, the proposed York Commons detention basin will not help as many homes on Washington, it will help all homes on Crescent.   Does not want to develop a solution that will negatively impact other residents. 
  • The City has drawn up a draft of an intergovernmental agreement. 
  • The subcommittee continues to consider all options.

Executive Director Rogers added.

  •  A meeting of the subcommittee has been set for Monday, August 18 and the City’s public meeting for residents at Cayuga will be held that same day in the evening. 
  • The City approved their prioritization by a 12 to 0 vote.  The Park District has not received official notice. 

Executive Director Rogers stated that the Park Board’s goal is to help the City in meeting stormwater needs while ensuring the detention sites retain their recreational value and function as well as not adversely impact park neighbors.  The District wants a solution to relieve flooding for an appropriate number of homes but not at the cost of other homes.  Commissioner Spaeth proposed a detention site at Madison School to resolve Washington Street stormwater detention needs.  Executive Director Rogers clarified that the City’s prioritization is not the Park District’s.  York Commons has been the Park District’s focus at the City’s request because of the number of homes it can impact.  Commissioner Spaeth disagreed and would prefer that all proposed stormwater sites be reviewed parallel. 

Executive Director Rogers asked Director of Marketing & Communications Wade unveil the newly added webpage to the Park District’s website developed to improve communications to the community in regards to the stormwater issue.  The webpage can be easily accessed with links to supporting documentation, contact information, communication between the Park District and the City, Park Board stormwater discussions, and a frequently asked questions page.  The public was encouraged to provide feedback. 

Executive Director Rogers recommended that the District host a public meeting after Labor Day to inform the community on each proposed stormwater detention site, one by one, with the help of staff and engineers.  Board President Ubriaco stated that a public meeting could not be done earlier in the process because designs were conceptual and the issue required more discussion.  Whenever alterations are made to the parks such as new playgrounds, public meetings are held to gather public feedback.  The District is quickly making progress.  The Board consensus was that a public meeting would be in line with the District’s theme of transparency and an opportunity to gather public opinion and allow the District to respond to the residents’ questions.  The proposed site for the public meeting would be at The Abbey. 

Executive Director Rogers stated that a draft intergovernmental agreement was provided by the City but he has yet to present it to the Park Board because it is not known that the Board will enter into an agreement with the City for stormwater mitigation in the parks.  A copy was sent to District attorneys at Tressler, Ltd. for a preliminary review.  Commissioner Spaeth suggested V3 help develop a draft and possibly include a term limit for use of the parks. 

Commissioner Kubiesa asked what happens once the City formally requests use of Park District property and what exactly will the District vote on.  Executive Director Rogers stated that the Board’s response to the City will be dependent upon what is specifically asked.  The City has indicated that it does not want to move ahead with spending more money until the Park District commits; however, the Park District will not be in a position to make a firm commitment until more detail is provided and Cayuga residents’ concerns are addressed.  Spaeth recommended the Board make multiple approvals at multiple intervals during the process before a final sign off.

Executive Director Rogers introduced Greg Wolterstorff of V3 Engineering.  Commissioner Kubiesa asked Greg Mortenson if the detention basin will help a 1 or 2 inch rainfall such as the recent rain in June 2014.  Mr. Wolterstorff responded no, that a storm of that size would bypass the proposed detention basin.  A detention basin would not help those types of storms. 

Board President Ubriaco ended the discussions by saying that the Park District has focused on York Commons but not without considering the other detention sites.  The Board has never announced that they have opposed detention.  The District has worked with the City and engineers with a spirit of cooperation and problem solving.  She stated that rumors that the three major entities (City, School District, and the Park District) in the community do not play well together are untrue.

July 21, 2014 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

Representatives from the Elmhurst Park District, City of Elmhurst, and School District 205 were in attendance along with engineers from Burke Engineering and V3 Engineering.  

A review of potential opportunities for mutual cooperation between the three parties took place, especially with regards to southwest Elmhurst, York Commons Park and Madison School.  

Specific discussion took place concerning the available storage in the proposed east and west basins at York Commons in comparison to the documented need.

Additionally, clarification was provided as to how the Eldridge Reservoir, with 50 acre feet of remaining storage, can be part of the solution. 

The committee discussed possible future uses of the land that Madison School occupies should the school move to a new location at some point in the future.. This concept would be dependent upon long-term enrollment projections, which District 205 has yet to study for this particular school.

Burke also provided updated drawings for York Commons per V3's request for additional technical information following the July 8, 2014 subcommittee meeting.

City representatives noted that within two to four weeks a report will go before the City Council for the approval of two prioritized projects for each of the Parks and Schools along with proposed funding.

The need to review an Intergovernmental Agreement draft was also discussed.

July 15, 2014 Stormwater Discussion with School District 205

School District 205 and Elmhurst Park District representatives met to discuss potential opportunities to work together on addressing stormwater that might be beneficial to the entire community. Discussion took place around the future needs that may exist for land use and the perpetual impact relinquishing land might have for both parties.  The ideas brought up involved the connection, from a stormwater perspective, between York Commons and Madison School, some possible land swap ideas, TIF development areas, etc.  Also discussed were the City's pumping stations along Salt Creek and the Eldridge southwest reservoir. 

Both parties are concerned about permanent changes to sites, eliminating the opportunity for expansion and building changes in the future.  There is also concern as to how the land owned by the Park District and School District is being valued.

District 205 agreed to attend the next stormwater subcommittee meeting to discuss some of these issues. 


July 9, 2014 Park Board Meeting

Remarks/Comments from Visitors

Seven emails received by the Park District were read by President Ubriaco at the meeting.  In addition, twelve people shared comments about stormwater concerns.   Due to the high volume of correspondence, a full transcript of comments can be found in the Remarks/Correspondence section of the Meeting Meetings provided through the link below. 

Unfinished Business: Stormwater Management Update

Executive Director Rogers reported that the Subcommittee met on July 8, 2014 to review Burke Engineering’s response to V3 Engineering’s initial inquiries regarding drawings for stormwater detention in District parks.  A copy of the responses was provided to each Park Commissioner as well as the public.  The responses were in keeping with what had been previously discussed stating that the drawings are preliminary with only 5% completed.  V3 suggested Burke Engineering continue to detail the drawings up to 15% to 20% of completion in order for V3 to provide an accurate peer review of detention plans in the parks in regards to the fields’ playability, maintenance and other associated concerns.  Burke Engineering has agreed to incorporate specific details in the second phase of drawings as requested by V3 including invert elevations, inflow and outflow, pipe sizes throughout the site, peak elevations and further specifications.  Burke Engineering’s response addressed Cayuga Avenue residents’ concerns of the York Commons detention basin overflowing to Cayuga Avenue by recommending a “berm be constructed along the south side of the park to protect those homes.”  Park District representatives on the Sub Committee did not agree the berm would be the best fit but asked if the back of Cayuga Avenue would feed into the basin as well. 

In its attempt to further the stormwater management process, the Subcommittee agreed to have the City draft an intergovernmental agreement (IGA).  The IGA would be simplistic with exhibits for each unique park site.  To date, York Commons Park continues to be the first park site for review because of the potential number of homes benefiting from the detention. 

Commissioners recommended V3 attend future Park board meetings to address Commissioner and potentially public questions regarding stormwater plans.  The Board discussed inviting representatives from the City and Burke Engineering to Board meetings also.  Commissioner Spaeth stated that the Sub Committee is making progress and V3 is helping the Park District by asking the right questions before making a decision in choosing the most sustainable option to benefit the most number of homes.  Commissioner Morissette-Moll asked about safety issues in regards to basin depth and drain time.  The Sub Committee also discussed the option of the City purchasing flooding lots in natural swales in the Geneva Street area near East End Park.  Board President Ubriaco posed the question whether the Board was ready to vote on Wild Meadows Trace.  Executive Director Rogers suggested the Board allow for V3 to review more detailed plans for that site prior to proceeding.

Executive Director Rogers stated that although most of the questions asked tonight have been made readily available to the public, the Park District plans to develop a broader approach to enhance dissemination of information to the community and improve knowledge of the Park Board’s efforts thus far.  Commissioners thanked the Sub Committee members for their time and efforts in serving on the committee.  

July 8, 2014 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

The Stormwater Subcommittee, along with representatives from Burke Engineering and V3 Engineering, reviewed Burke's responses to V3's initial findings, including Burke's idea of potentially constructing a berm along the south side of York Commons to ensure water will always be directed to the west and away from the homes along Cayuga Avenue.

Discussion ensued regarding City policy for new construction and existing home additions that was reviewed by the City on July 7, 2014, as well as details of how an Intergovernmental Agreement might be structured with detailed requirements for each site being separate.  

It was agreed that Burke would take the engineering from its current 5% completion up to the 15-20% level in order to provide more detailed plans.

Although York Commons has been selected as the City's first priority, discussion centered around making progress on all sites along the way.

Discussion also took place concerning variable speed drives at the City's pump stations along Salt Creek, increasing the capacity of pump stations and examining the potential of utilizing the Eldridge southwest reservoir as part of the macro solution.

The Park District sent an email request after the meeting, per Greg Wolterstorff of V3 Engineering, asking that  Burke Engineering provide the technical data summarized for each park site. Since York Commons is the first site that we intend to review based on The City's prioritization of these potential flood control projects, the York Commons data set can be provided first, unless all park designs are available already.  Here is the information the Park District requested:

  1. General statement regarding the potential for sanitary sewage discharge to be combined with storm flows that may enter each park.
  2. Invert elevations for all storm sewer inflow/outflow locations from the park sites.
  3. Pipe sizes for all storm sewers throughout the park sites. Protection elevation and storm event that bypasses the park sites (i.e.. - How high does the water get in the adjacent storm sewer inflow, and what storm event goes right by the site?)
  4. Peak elevation and critical duration storm event which occurs within the park sites.
  5. Draw down durations and plotted hydrographs for the peak critical duration storm event and for the 2( 24 Hour-100 Year storm event.
  6. Conceptual engineering for the field bottoms which show proposed storm sewer routing, proposed bottom spot elevations and slopes, and likely under drain locations, elevations and storm sewer connections. 

This additional information will increase the confidence level of the observations made by V3 Engineering prior to their presentation to the Park Board about flooding impacts to the park sites, and answer questions regarding playability, maintenance and other associated concerns.