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Things Brighter Than Ever at the Elmhurst Park District

At their April 27, 2016 meeting the Park Board approved an $87,978 project to install new LED lighting in the tennis courts at Courts Plus.  The project was completed on July 20, 2016. The new lights significantly improve light quality, meet the Class II lighting standards requirement for indoor tennis courts and are 62% more energy efficient.  

The Playground for Everyone Becomes More Concrete

Construction is progressing for the Butterfield Park Playground for Everyone.  The concrete pads were poured that go under the rubber tile safety surfacing.  Most of the wall has been built, and the crew has started to form the concrete seating area. Click here to learn more about the Butterfield Park Redevelopment Project.

Flooring Matters

In the third phase of flooring replacement at Courts Plus, the Park Board approved a total project cost of $52,779 to replace flooring in the upper and lower level hallways and offices and to install vinyl VLVT flooring in the upper level tennis viewing area, racquetball, offices, hallway and conference rooms. 

Asphalt and Drainage Work Continues at Butterfield Park

Residents and visitors to Butterfield Park can look forward to smooth paths for biking and walking once Butterfield Park reopens this fall. Construction continues to progress at Butterfield Park with a brand new asphalt path on the east side.  Storm sewer work continues on the east side as well and is almost complete.  A 6” pvc pipe is being installed on the southeast side and is intended to alleviate some of the drainage issues in the southeast corner of the park.