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Red Wing Blackbirds in the Parks

Please be aware of red wing blackbirds as you visit the parks, especially when in Eldridge Park or on the Prairie Path. These species are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are extremely territorial and aggressive during mating and breeding seasons. Nests are built low in trees and marshy grasses, and at times if they feel threatened (or if males feel the female and nest are in danger) will peck at or grab at humans with their feet. For your safety please be aware of these birds in their natural habitat and do not allow children to get too close or provoke them.

May 27, 2015 LIzzadro Museum Presents to Park Board

At the January 28, 2015 Park Board Meeting, four representatives of the Lizzadro Museum appeared before the Board - Andy Joseph, architect of Wight & Co., John Lizzadro, board member, Lou Lizzadro, board member, and Dorothy Asher, Museum Director.  Director Asher requested the Board provide direction as to a specific location for a new museum in Wilder Park and stated that the museum’s current facility no longer supports the museum’s needs and the lack of direct street access has hindered the museum and its visitors.  Architect Joseph presented a slideshow displaying four pote

Elmhurst Park District Makes Plans for The Playground for Everyone

Imagine a playground where every child can participate in all elements of the design. A place where children of all abilities can play, socialize, and dream together; fostering acceptance, friendship, and understanding through play. For many children with disabilities this may represent the only place in their lives where they can swing, slide, climb, spin and play side-by-side with their friends and peers without having to abandon their usual means of mobility.

Shop Whole Foods Elmhurst & Support Playground for Everyone

Here's an added incentive to recycle: When you bring reusable bags to Whole Foods Elmhurst, you'll support the Playground for Everyone. Whole Foods' One Dime at a Time program provides customers the option to receive a 10 cent per bag refund as cash back off their receipt, or donate it to that month's featured charity organization.