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Welcome to the Elmhurst Park District Dance Program! Dance enriches participants' lives in so many ways; it can instill confidence, improve flexibility and balance, develop rhythm, create a sense of freedom to express one's self, provide an outlet for socialization, enhance memorization skills and so much more. The Elmhurst Park District is proud to offer wonderful opportunities for self-expression through dance.

The Elmhurst Park District hosts a variety of dance classes for children ages 18 months to adult, from tap to hip hop to ballet – and more.  Classes are held at the Wagner Community Center, 615 N. West Avenue.

Summer Dance Workshops

The Elmhurst Park District offers summer dance camps, called Workshops, for everyone from the novice to experienced hoofers.
  • Level I Workshop for ages 3 ½-5 yrs gives young students an introduction to the art of dance.
  • Level II Workshop, for ages 6-9 gives new dancers an opportunity to experience dance classes and is also excellent mid-year training in between recital dance seasons for returning dancers.
  • Level III Workshop for ages 10-14 with previous dance experience is for dancers who want to continue their training in hip hop, ballet, jazz and contemporary technique and choreography.

Level workshops run in two week sessions, culminating in a small performance on the last day of class. For our most adventurous dancers, we offer one week of all day, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Dance Choreography and Technique Intensive. Students who want to try something new can also register for weeklong workshops in Tap, Poms, or Impact Dance Company Technique.

Early Childhood Dance Programs

Designed specifically for ages 18 months-6 years, these non-recital programs are a great introduction into the wonderful world of dance. Several classes are offered and each class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of dance such as rhythm, coordination, flexibility, balance and self-confidence. Dancers will learn basic dance terminology as well as simple combinations to familiar songs. With the exception of “Me & My Shadow," parents will be asked to wait in the lounge while classes take place. Each session will conclude with a class observation day.

Youth Performance Dance Programs

Our Youth Performance Dance classes run from September through May, with options for ages 4-18. The Youth Performance program is designed for the dancer who would like training in both technique and performance, showcasing their achievements at our annual dance recital in May. Dancers have the opportunity to build on rhythm, flexibility and coordination skills, as well as explore dance technique among like-minded peers.

Adult Dance Programs

Adult classes are a great form of exercise, providing participants an opportunity to relieve stress while having fun and learning a new activity or perfecting their dance form. Throughout the year, various adult dance classes are offered such as Belly Dance, Tap, and Jazz.

Elmhurst Park District Impact Dance Company

The Elmhurst Park District Impact Dance Company offers the serious, talented and dedicated student the opportunity to further their training with performance. Designed for the dancer who has a desire to grow and perform, the Company is a fun, educational and creative experience with the focus not on learning a dance, but learning how to dance. Our choreographers will challenge company members, as we are most interested in the growth and development of each student. We understand that every dancer has different strengths and weaknesses, and we try to showcase everyone in our choreography.

For additional information, please contact Susan Smentek, Program Manager at (630) 993-8670.