Garden Plots

Grow your own produce in an approximately 20'x20' Elmhurst garden plot located in Marjorie Davis Park. Plots are plowed, rototilled and staked by the Elmhurst Park District, so you can plant, cultivate, and reap the harvest. Growing season runs from May 1 to November 1, weather permitting. Water taps are available at each site and are open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. seven days per week. Returning customers, those who had plots in the previous summer, have the option of keeping the same plot or entering the lottery for a new plot. Information about registering for Garden Plots is released each year in the Spring Brochure.

Garden Plot History

The Elmhurst Park District has worked cooperatively with the City of Elmhurst to assist with storm water management.  As part of the cooperative effort, the west portion of Golden Meadows Park was sold to the City for use as storm water detention.  This portion of Golden Meadows included the garden plots.  

The District recognizes the value of and enthusiasm for garden plots in Elmhurst and worked to find a suitable site for their relocation.  After ample consideration Marjorie Davis Park was selected as the new home of the garden plots beginning in 2017. Construction of the new garden plots at Marjorie Davis Park was completed in late spring 2017.