Rec Station Before & After School Care

Rec Station will not be offered for the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. Our alternative offering is Club Ed., click here for more information.


Rec Station is a cooperative program between the Elmhurst Park District and School District #205 for kindergarten through fifth graders needing before and after school care in a supervised setting right in the child's school. District #205 and the Elmhurst Park District are committed to providing quality care for your child, working together to make the school day care transition easy and fun. Rec Station will follow along with all of Elmhurst School District #205 guidelines and policies. Rec Station enrollment will be reserved only for those students who plan to attend full time. We are unable to hold spots for future use at this time. Extended absences will result in removal from the program.

Rec Station is relaxed and recreational in nature, providing a safe and fun environment. The experienced staff plans daily activities including arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor gross motor activities large and small group games, in addition to afternoon quiet time for homework. 

The program is held daily, Monday-Friday, 7-8 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.


Conrad Fischer School  |  888 N. Wilson Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 834-2215
Hawthorne School  |  145 Arthur Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8987
Edison School  |  246 Fair Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8199
Jackson School  |  925 Swain Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8945
Emerson School  |  400 N. West Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8995
Jefferson School  |  360 E. Crescent Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8198
Field School  |  295 Emroy Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8988
Lincoln School  |  565 Fairfield Ave.
Rec Station number: (630) 993-8991