Rec Station Before & After School Care

  • Rec Station

2022/2023 Fees

A total of ten monthly payments with credit card auto-pay. See table.

  • AM Rec Station: $75 non-refundable registration fee per child
  • PM Rec Station: $75 non-refundable registration fee per child
Month AM ($8/day) PM ($18/day)
August 2022 $80 $180
September 2022 $168 $378
October 2022 $152 $342
November 2022 $144 $324
December 2022 $128 $288
January 2023 $128 $288
February 2023 $152 $342
March 2023 $152 $342
April 2023 $152 $342
May 2023 $160 $360

*Monthly charge based on finalization of D205 School Calendar

2022/2023 Locations

Conrad Fischer School  |  Conrad Fischer K-5th Grade Jackson School  |  Jackson K-5th Grade
Edison School  |  Edison K-5th & Field School K-3rd & 5th Grade Jefferson School  |  Jefferson K-5th Grade
Emerson School  |  Emerson K-5th Grade Lincoln School  |  Lincoln K-5th Grade
Hawthorne School  |  Hawthorne K-5th & Field School 4th Grade  


What is Rec Station?

Rec Station is a cooperative program between the Elmhurst Park District and School District #205 for kindergarten through fifth graders needing before and after school care in a supervised setting right in the child's school. District #205 and the Elmhurst Park District are committed to providing quality care for your child, working together to make the school day care transition easy and fun.

Rec Station is relaxed and recreational in nature, providing a safe and fun environment. The experienced staff plans daily activities, including arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor gross motor activities, large and small group games.

The program is held daily, Monday-Friday, 7-8: 15 am and 3-6 pm Beginning with the 2022/2023 school year, children will need to attend 4-5 days a week or will be removed from the program.

Once registered, families will be invited to complete their child’s ePACT record. This is a highly secure, online emergency network used to collect medical and contact information. This information will need to be completed before a child can attend the program.

What to Bring:

  • SNACK: PM Rec Station students will need to bring their own snack and drink.  Snack time is only for PM Rec Station.  Staff will not be able to assist with opening any food or drink packaging.