Martial Arts

The Elmhurst Park District offers a variety of martial arts classes from Karate to Taekwondo for ages 3 and up. Martial arts training can improve coordination, endurance, and self confidence, and we offer several classes for the whole family.


Ages 13 and up

Hapkido is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques, pressure point manipulations, as well as kicks, punches and other striking attacks. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to incorporate the use of leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength. Ages 13 and up only, classes are not formatted for children. Instruction provided by Michael Inoshita, a certified 4th degree black belt in Sin Moo Hapkido.

Kids' Karate & Safety Club

Ages 4-14

The Kids' Karate & Safety Club is more than just kick, punch & yell; this program targets many building blocks, including respect, self-esteem, self confidence, leadership, but most of all family involvement. This progressive martial arts program teaches the basics in karate, self defense, sparring, kata & children’s safety with belt progression through Black Belt. Parents may participate with their children at no cost as part of the Parent Helper Program.

Little Dragons Tang Soo Do Karate

Ages 4-6

Our children's classes are formatted to teach self-discipline and self-reliance. Classes feature dynamic martial arts activities to promote aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. Children are taught to overcome challenges in a constructive manner through positive reinforcement. Improved self-esteem learned in class enables children to better confront peer pressure and to pursue success in all aspects of their lives.


Ages 4 and up

One of the newest Olympic sports, Taekwondo is a 2000-year-old martial art, offering a variety of benefits for people of all ages and physical abilities. Skills are developed through gentle instruction and appropriate games for age and ability. This class focuses on developing balance, coordination, and respect for the discipline of martial arts training.

Tai Chi Chuan

Ages 18 and up

Tai Chi is appropriate for participants of any age or fitness level. The exercises are characterized by slow, graceful movements. Through practice you can expect to improve balance, coordination, flexibility & strength, reduce blood pressure, stress, release tension, and you can expect a feeling of positive energy to flow through your body. Tai Chi Chuan is proven as the most effective way to delay the onset of falling.

Children and Teen Tang Soo Do Karate

Ages 6-13

The gift of a long and successful life awaits your children through martial arts training. The study of karate encourages strong mental and physical development. Our classes build the foundations of balance, mobility, flexibility and strength that will last a lifetime. They will also learn respect, confidence, and discipline and develop the self-esteem needed in modern life.

Adult & Teen Tang Soo Do Karate

Ages 15 and up

Karate encourages both physical and mental development. Tang Soo Do classes develop a strong foundation of balance, mobility, flexibility and strength. You can expect to improve endurance, coordination and power for a great overall workout.

Illinois Shotokan Karate

Ages 4 and up

Illinois Shotokan Karate Club is Chicagoland’s premier karate school taught under the instruction of John DiPasquale, a four-time National Champion, US National Coach and President of the US National Karate Federation. ISKC’s karate classes help develop flexibility, strength, and coordination in fun, yet disciplined activities. This program offers a mix of strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises. Students increase their coordination, agility and poise, all while learning lasting personal safety skills.


The Elmhurst Park District takes safety very seriously. As with any active sport or recreation, injuries can take place. Please see the following information related to concussions.