Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission Vision Values Elmhurst Park District

Mission Statement

We enrich lives while having fun!


To be a national leader in providing memorable parks and recreation experiences to our community.


  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Community Focused
  • Fun
  • Belonging

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

To uphold our values of Integrity, Customer Service Excellence, Fun, and Community Focused, the Elmhurst Park District commits to becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) organization as a strategic plan priority in the District’s Vision 2020 Plan. The District’s employee DEI Team created the Inclusion Vision Stand to define our vision for creating sustainable DEI efforts and fostering inclusion across the organization. The District has made a commitment to inclusion because we envision a future in which our community welcomes, respects, and encourages the contributions of all.

Inclusion Vision Stand

2023 State of the Park District Address