Going Green


Going Green in the Parks

The Park District continues to examine the usage of pesticides in parks. On June 1, 2019, Marjorie Davis Park became the second park in the District to go green, following Van Voorst Park in 2016. Staff presented the Board a goal of converting to all organic fertilizer by 2020 and the long term goal of developing an updated Integrated Pest Management plan which adheres to the Vision 2020 initiative of improving park maintenance. For more details, visit vision2020.epd.org.

A number of details were clarified, such as that pesticide usage never occurs on the playgrounds. The Board expressed their desire for the Park District to continue to study pesticide usage and the importance of educating the community.  

Herbicide application 

At the May 28, 2019 Park Board meeting, the Board reached consensus to eliminate the use of broadleaf weed application by 15% (30 acres) from the 2019 fall schedule. Twelve sites have been eliminated from the fall application; this reduction equates to 30 acres. Adding these parks to the existing parks that do not receive the broadcast application, (Conrad Fischer, Van Voorst, Marjorie Davis) brings the total to 47 acres not receiving a broadcast application which is nearly one quarter of the District’s turf.

For more specific information, please contact Director of Parks Dan Payne at dpayne [at] epd.org or call (630)-993-8940