Wilder Mansion Donation Program

In 2000, the Elmhurst Park District began a project to restore the 19th century home now known as Wilder Mansion. The Wilder Mansion Historic Preservation Endowment Fund was created by the People for Elmhurst Parks Foundation in order to provide funds to be used toward the continued historic preservation of Wilder Mansion. Leave a lasting legacy when you contribute to the endowment fund, with sponsorship recognition opportunities at various levels beginning at $50. For more information on Wilder Mansion Room Recognition, Wilder Mansion Recognition Plaque, or Wilder Dedication, please call (630) 993-8900.

Donation Options

Room Recognition

Add your own piece of history to Wilder Mansion and help preserve its historic integrity through the purchase of a room recognition. The rooms within the Mansion honor those who have contributed toward its continued preservation, with all donations received going directly to the Wilder Mansion Historic Preservation Endowment Fund, ensuring the Mansion’s well-being for years to come. A recognition plaque is placed at the entrance to your desired room for a specific period of time corresponding to donation level.*

The following rooms are available for room recognition:

  • Wilder Room
  • King Room
  • White Birch Area
  • Prairie Room
  • Elm Room

*Donations of $10,000 or greater may be paid over a five-year period for room recognition. Payment scheduling will be determined at the time of contribution.

In addition to the larger room recognition, the following permanent options are available for sponsorship recognition:

Type Fee
Elizabeth’s Bridal Room $5,000
Rose Garden Room $5,000
Lobby Area $7,500
Staircase $3,500
Elevator $5,000
Coat Rooms $2,500 each

Recognition Plaque

The Elmhurst Parks Foundation has installed a permanent recognition plaque in the Mansion’s lobby, honoring those who have helped the Elmhurst Park District finish the Wilder Mansion renovation and ensure its continued preservation. The Elmhurst Parks Foundation invites you to leave a lasting legacy. When you donate $1,000 to the Elmhurst Parks Foundation, you will receive recognition and secure a permanent place in Elmhurst’s rich history with your name engraved on the plaque.

Wilder Dedication

For a unique way to honor a friend or family member, consider purchasing a Wilder Mansion Dedication, which will be placed on a permanent framed dedication piece inside the building. Your $50 donation will go to the Wilder Mansion Historic Preservation Endowment Fund.