Elmhurst Park District lifeguards receive 5 star rating

Elmhurst Park District’s lifeguards are 5 stars, according to a recent audit from Starguard Elite.

On June 11, 2019, the staff at East End and Smalley Pools received their first of three unannounced audits from Starguard Elite, the company that sets the standards and curriculum of the Park District’s lifeguard training.

The pools are evaluated on lifeguard and supervisor observations, including performance and leadership during skill scenarios, documentation and facility inspection.

The 5 star rating is the highest score a facility can receive, signifying the Park District is exceeding the highest expectations.

“While we are very excited and proud of our staff for achieving the five star, we know we have the rest of the summer still ahead of us,” said Sarah Lagesse, Division Manager of Aquatics.

“We are all prepared to be diligent and keep our patrons safe at a five star level every single day.”