Executive Director Rogers updates Park Board on Lizzadro Museum discussions

In summer 2013, Lizzadro Museum representatives began discussions with Park District staff about the future of the museum. Museum staff made a presentation to the Park District Board of Commissioners on January 28, 2015 to explore the possibility of constructing a new, larger facility in Wilder Park to replace the current structure, which according to Museum Director Dorothy Asher is no longer conducive to their needs.

Architect Andy Joseph presented a slideshow displaying four potential sites within Wilder Park for the proposed new building, after which Park Board Commissioners requested the museum hold public meetings to gather feedback from the community. Two meetings then took place in April 2015.

Over the last two years, the Museum has continued to refine its plans for a new facility. On September 1, 2016, Museum Director Asher met with several Park District staff and commissioners to provide an update on their planning process and indicated that Museum staff would follow up with the District at a later date.

At the May 22, 2017 Park Board meeting, Executive Director Jim Rogers notified the Board that the Lizzadro Museum was continuing to plan for the future of their facility and whether or not they have a desire to stay in Wilder Park. The District had yet to hear from Museum staff, and their rationale for considering other locations was still unknown.

The Park Board continues to be supportive of the Museum remaining within Wilder Park but has been clear that there must be a benefit to the community from a parks and recreation perspective if a new facility is to be considered.

For more details about the ongoing discussions between the Park District and the Lizzadro Museum, please visit here.

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