May 27, 2015 Lizzadro Museum Presents to Park Board

At the January 28, 2015 Park Board Meeting, four representatives of the Lizzadro Museum appeared before the Board - Andy Joseph, architect of Wight & Co., John Lizzadro, board member, Lou Lizzadro, board member, and Dorothy Asher, Museum Director.  Director Asher requested the Board provide direction as to a specific location for a new museum in Wilder Park and stated that the museum’s current facility no longer supports the museum’s needs and the lack of direct street access has hindered the museum and its visitors.  Architect Joseph presented a slideshow displaying four potential sites within Wilder Park for the proposed new building.  The Board had preliminary discussions with a consensus to table the topic for further discussion after public meetings were held jointly with the museum to gather residents’ feedback. 

On April 20 and 25 two public input meetings were held at the Lizzadro Museum.  Both District staff and Museum representatives participated in the meetings providing information on the conceptual plans while responding to questions from those in attendance.  Altogether, nearly 80 people attended the meetings including both Museum members and interested Elmhurst residents. A synopsis of the comments and questions from each meeting are available below. 

May 27, 2015:

The Lizzadro Museum presented a new concept plan to the Park Board at their May 27, 2015 meeting.  After discussion, the Park Board requested that Lizzadro Museum hold additional public meetings to present the new concept plan to the public for their continued input.  These public meeting will be held in the near future.  A copy of the Lizzadro Museum’s May 27, 2015 presentation to the Park Board is attached below.


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