Recycle your old holiday lights

  • Holiday lights recycling

Have your holiday lights lost their twinkle? Instead of sending them to the landfill, drop your dead lights off in one of our containers at:

  • Courts Plus (186 S. West Avenue)
  • Kies Recreation Center (155 E. St. Charles Road)
  • Elmhurst Park District Administrative Office (375 W First Street)
  • Wagner Community Center (615 N. West Avenue)
  • City Hall (209 N. York Street)

Bins will be available through Friday, January 12, 2024. Look for the bins with the “Holiday Lights” signage.

The City of Elmhurst and Elmhurst Park District are partnering with Elgin Recycling for their annual holiday lights recycling program, with a goal of recycling over 100,000 pounds of holiday lights. Items that will be accepted include Italian mini-lights, traditional lights, extension cords, rope lights, and LED lights in both working and non-working condition.