Tier 3 mitigations remain in place in Region 8

At today’s press conference, Governor Pritzker announced an update to the current resurgence mitigation. While a number of regions have met all metrics and will move back to Tier 2 immediately, Region 8 (including Elmhurst) will remain in Tier 3. Our region was poised to move forward until Thursday, when the hospital bed availability dropped from 23.2% to 19.3%. That means the region will need to get back above 20% and stay there for three straight days in order to move forward. "Of our remaining regions, the data shows that most are on track to leave Tier 3 in the coming days if current trends hold," Pritzker said Friday.

Programs scheduled to begin in person in January are still delayed or are being held virtually. Once a start date has been determined, participants will be refunded/credited for any delayed classes or cancelled programs. Participants will be contacted directly regarding the status of their program.

Staff and residents will be notified when our region enters Tier 2. We are hopeful that will happen in the near future.