Vision 2020: Focus on the Future Open House

Thu, May 04 - 9:00am

Residents are encouraged to join the Elmhurst Park District for the third and final public open house meetings to discuss planning for the future of the District. The open house will take place Thursday, May 4 from 9-11:30 a.m. at Wagner Community Center (615 N. West Avenue) and 5-7 p.m. at Courts Plus (186 S. West Avenue). Participants can drop by at any time to provide feedback at interactive stations and react to drafted strategies for the Vision 2020 plan that were identified during previous phases of the process.
Following the open house, the community will also have the chance to provide feedback through an online survey.

Vision 2020: Focus on the Future is the Elmhurst Park District’s Comprehensive and Strategic Planning process. This Comprehensive and Strategic Plan will drive long-range planning and direct decision-making and resources for the District toward a clearly-defined vision for its future, including development and redevelopment of parks, facilities, open space and recreation opportunities over the next five years. This planning process has consisted of the following components: needs assessment, visioning, identifying and evaluating community needs, priorities and opportunities, and creating a phased implementation and financial plan. The proposed outcome of this study is development of a comprehensive plan that:
• Considers, integrates, and celebrates accomplishments and outcomes of past Elmhurst Park District planning efforts.
• Assesses the future vision of the organization and determines strategic priorities to achieve that vision.
• Engages the community in the planning process, builds consensus for implementation, and fosters awareness of the District’s presence within the community.
• Ensures the most effective use of District resources by focusing decision-making and spending on strategic priorities.