Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration - Moving in the Right Direction

Work on the Wilder Park Conservatory and Greenhouse Restoration Project continues with a shift from larger structural jobs to smaller more detail-oriented tasks. In the Greenhouse and Propagating House the ridge vents and motors were installed, as well as the electrical and heating pipes. Supports were installed to provide stability to the Greenhouse and Propagating House structures. Plumbers have installed new drain lines on the west side of the Conservatory which will direct rain water away from the main entrance. The Elmhurst Park District’s Chief Horticulturist supervised the trenching for the drain line in order to minimize the damage to the surrounding trees’ root system. In an effort to assist in the trees’ recovery the turf directly below their canopies was removed and the area was mulched. This will reduce the competition for water and nutrients on the trees’ root system and help speed up recovery time. In the coming weeks a new sidewalk along the north side of the Conservatory will be installed and the glazers will begin installing new glass. For more information or questions, please contact Angela Ferrentino at (630)993-8915.

Please continue to visit this site regularly for updates on the Wilder Park Conservatory and Greenhouse Restoration project.