Your Success: Courts Plus Member Jennie builds fitness into her life

Six months and 50 pounds later, Courts Plus Member Jennie is feeling elated and energized about the change in direction her health has taken in such a short time.

Jennie began this fitness journey last May. While she’s been a member at Courts Plus for a few years, her birthday pushed her to reevaluate her life. She had been a runner, participating in the Chicago Marathon in 2016, but since then her fitness activity had dropped off. “I was looking at my life looking at myself going…I need to do something,” she says.

“I needed to figure out a way to build fitness into my life.” She took advantage of the 2 free personal training sessions for Courts Plus Members. “At that point I didn’t go in thinking that this was something I’m going to do long term, but once I met Tamara and I had the first session with her it felt really good. I felt really supported and pushed in a good way; challenged.” She decided to stick with the personal training and loves the way it tests her and keeps her on track. “I’m finding that she pushes me more than I push myself. She challenges me to do things in sessions that I don’t think I can do.” Working with TRX Bands, for example, is something Jennie never considered until working with Tamara. Now she loves incorporating them into her routine. 

Focusing on her health again has brought her passion for running back as well. She recently completed the Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago with a faster time than she expected and is looking forward to the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. This accomplishment, combined with the 50 pound weight loss over six months, are the two things of which she’s most proud.

She’s also very happy to be a part of the Courts Plus Community. She chose to be a member at Courts Plus because she thought it was a good fit for her whole family. Her 7-year-old enjoys the Fit 4 Life Youth Gym and gets to see firsthand the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle.

Jennie also likes the feeling she gets when being at Courts Plus. “It really feels part of the community to me and there’s something about participating in that which feels really good.”