Golden Meadows Park Proposed Detention Site

This page is under construction. Please check back soon for updates - See more at:

This page is under construction. Please check back soon for updates - See more at:

January 17, 2017

Sale of Part of Golden Meadows to the City of Elmhurst Moves Forward

The stormwater detention project at Golden Meadows is moving forward.  The appraisal of $1,130,000 was approved by the Elmhurst City Council at their January 17, 2017 meeting.  The appraisal was then sent by the Park District to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and is now awaiting their approval.   Since the property was purchased with IDNR Grant funds, IDNR must approve the appraisal and sale of the property to the City of Elmhurst.  IDNR prohibits stormwater detention as a use for park land purchased with IDNR funds, thus requiring the sale of the property to the City of Elmhurst.  The Park Board is committed to helping the residents of Elmhurst by working with the City on the transfer of property. Once the sale is finalized, the Park Board of Commissioners will pursue finding replacement property for the approximately 3 acres being sold to the City.  A copy of the appraisal can be found here.

The Park District’s Community Garden Plots currently located on the property will be moved to Marjorie Davis Park this spring in anticipation of IDNR approval.  Construction of these new plots is scheduled to begin April 3, 2017. Additional Garden Plots will also become available in 2018 at Wild Meadows Trace, ensuring that this popular program continues to grow and serve the Elmhurst community.

July 27, 2016

Golden Meadows Stormwater Detention Project Approved by Park Board

At the Park Board meeting on July 25, 2016 the Board unanimously approved Resolution R-02-16 to approve the terms of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst Park District for the construction, operation and maintenance of stormwater improvements in Golden Meadows Park.

Previously, on July 12, 2016 the Park District received verbal approval from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to the proposed concept plans and terms of the IGA for Golden Meadows Park. This approval was vital for the project to move forward as the Golden Meadows Park property was purchased with the help of IDNR funds which prohibit land use for stormwater detention. Following this, on July 18, at the request of IDNR, the District sent a formal written request regarding the Golden Meadows project.  Later that same day, the City Council approved the Golden Meadows Park IGA by a unanimous vote of 11-0.

Now that an agreement has been reached, appraisals will be completed for the property and the process of deeding the land to the City of Elmhurst will follow.  The Park District will also begin to look for suitable replacement park land.  “We are pleased that the agreement has been reached and that the residents in this area of the community will have forthcoming flood relief.  “When you couple this with the IGA approved for York Commons Park on February 22, 2016, 58 homes will be protected from future 100-year flood events.  It has taken many months to reach agreement but the Park Board has remained committed to helping the City of Elmhurst with resident flooding problems and believes that both agreements reflect both parties commitment to the residents of Elmhurst”, stated Jim Rogers, Park District Executive Director. 

The City of Elmhurst is planning to break ground at York Commons in August of this year with completion of the project by year-end. The exact timeline for completion of the Golden Meadows Park stormwater detention project will be determined in the weeks ahead with work expected to begin this fall.

June 17, 2016

The Board’s subcommittee met with the City on June 9 and all of the items reviewed with the Board on June 8 were discussed including the draft terms of the Golden Meadows IGA and initiating discussions with IDNR as well as the status of the York Commons’ plans and project. 

Following the meeting, staff arranged a conference call on June 14 with IDNR’s Director of Architecture, Engineering and Grants about the proposed terms of the IGA for Golden Meadows that also included City Manager Grabowski.  IDNR understood what is being proposed and indicated that they will work with us on this endeavor.  While nothing has been formally approved and the proposal will also require approval by the National Park Service, this is a good first step.  At the request of IDNR, following the conference call the City Manager and Park District Executive Director jointly prepared and forwarded the attached two documents on June 17.  The first is a brief Statement of Intent that explains the issue at hand and the second is a map detailing the property with grant restrictions and the specific area proposed for conversion.

Finally, the City Council is tentatively scheduled to receive a report from the Public Works and Buildings Committee on July 5 recommending approval of the IGA.  This approval is not actual approval of the IGA, per se, but is instead approval of the terms it contains, similar to the consensus provided by the Park Board on June 8.  The IGA will be brought to the Park Board and City Council for formal approval once any changes are included based upon feedback provided by IDNR.

March 22, 2016

The Park Board received the proposed Intergovernmental Agreement for the use of Golden Meadows for stormwater detention from the City of Elmhurst on the afternoon of March 22, 2016.  The stormwater subcommittee did not have time to review the proposed IGA prior to the March 24, 2016 stormwater subcommittee meeting. The Park District's attorney, District subcommittee members and staff are currently reviewing the IGA with the intent of Park Board discussions at the April 13, 2016 Park Board Meeting.  Letter attached below.

February 14, 2016

The three remaining sites were discussed (East End, Wild Meadows Trace and Crestview) and as a response to the City’s January 13 request that the Park District forgo replacement of and compensation for these sites and instead work with the City to ask IDNR to make an exception to their policy against off-site stormwater to OSLAD funded sites, the District subcommittee shared the following statement:  
"At this point in time, the Park Board is not interested in encumbering additional open space with detention basins to provide relief for the approximately 11 remaining homes that would be impacted.  However, as we discussed at our last meeting on January 14, the District believes that Park and City staff should discuss alternative ideas for the three sites, similar to those the City has already utilized, including the purchase of properties, storage vaults underneath parking lots and underground storage that could provide stormwater detention as well as open space and recreational opportunities at grade level."  
City was not receptive to the idea of considering alternative approaches to providing stormwater detention in these locations.  
The next subcommittee meeting will be held March 24, 2016 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. - 

February 10, 2016

As regards to Golden Meadows, the City’s Public Works Committee provided two exhibits to the Committee concerning Golden Meadows and one for York Commons. Exhibits are attached below.

February 13, 2015

Park Board maintains position on use of York Commons and Golden Meadows Parks for Stormwater Detention

The Elmhurst Park District Board of Park Commissioners sent a letter to formally notify the City of Elmhurst that the Park Board took action at their January 28, 2015 and February 11, 2015 Park Board meetings to maintain the Boards current position in regards to the use of York Commons and Golden Meadows parks for above-ground temporary stormwater as detailed in their previous letter dated October 29, 2014

December 15, 2014 City of Elmhurst Ward 4 Resident Meeting 

The City of Elmhurst held a meeting, inviting residents of Ward 4, to present  the City's Comprehensive Flood Plan for Golden Meadows Park Flood Storage Facility.  A powerpoint presentation was shared with the attendees, a copy of which is posted on this page as a Related Document.  The Park District received this copy of the presentation from an attendee at the public meeting.  In addition, new concept drawings for Golden Meadows west lobe were shared with the group and are posted above.   These drawings were also received by the Park District through a meeting attendee and have not been reviewed by the Park Board. 

Status as of October 22, 2014

Park Board votes in the affirmative to assist the City of Elmhurst with stormwater detention in Golden Meadows Park.

At the Park Board meeting held October 22, 2014 the Board voted in the affirmative to assist the City of Elmhurst with stormwater detention in York Commons and Golden Meadows Park.  Their approval was outlined in an October 29, 2014 letter to the City responding to their formal request dated August 14, 2014.

The conceptual draft shown above outlines the proposed solution approved by the Park Board, developed by V3 Engineering, and shared with the City.

Excerpts from the October 29, 2014 letter to the City regarding Golden Meadows Park.

Following months of study and subcommittee meetings, along with considerable public input and discussion, the Park Board voted in the affirmative in respond to the City's request for assistance.  In doing so, the Park Board used the following three criteria to guide its decision making:

  • Try to help the City meet stormwater needs if possible
  • Ensure that the park sites, if used for detention, retain their recreational function
  • Not adversely impact residents living in proximity to the parks

Using  the  evaluation  criteria  as  a  guide,  on  October  22 , 2014  the  Park  Board unanimously approved the following :

The Park District agrees to allow the City to utilize the west portion of Golden Meadows Park by subdividing the property and deeding the western portion (approximately 2.5 to 3 acres) to the City to provide a stormwater detention basin with a capacity of 15+ acre feet in order to address the overland flooding concerns of Pine Street and Avon Road residents.

It being acknowledged that because Golden Meadows Park was acquired using Land and Water Conservation Funds, the property must be replaced with property of equal or greater value. The City is thereby obligated to acquire property within this parameter subject to approval by the Park District. The City also agrees to assist the Park District in relocating the garden plots that will be displaced.

The letter in its entirety is attached below.

Status as of August 14, 2014

On July 28, 2014 the City of Elmhurst Public Works and Buildings Committee recommended an action plan for stormwater project prioritization that identifies four pilot projects for initial completion.  This action plan was unanimously approved by a vote of 12-0 by the Elmhurst City Council on August 4, 2014.  According to the proposal, this approved action plan will serve as a foundation for the City to request commitments from the Park District to move forward with this project.  On August 14, 2014, the Park District received a letter from the City of Elmhurst respectfully requesting that the Park Board vote to approve the proposal by September 30, 2014, allowing the City to move forward with construction of above-ground stormwater storage at York Commons and Golden Meadows Park.  A copy of the letter may be viewed below. 

Burke Report and Rationale Overview

After the severe flooding experienced in June 2010, the City of Elmhurst hired Burke Engineering to conduct a study, the main objective of which was to analyze 10 key flood problem areas in the City and to develop concept-level drainage improvements to alleviate the flooding in each area.  Of the 10 flood areas identified, Burke recommended that Park District property could be utilized to partially alleviate flooding in five of those areas. 

Burke utilized available data and calibrated computer modeling to simulate flood reduction benefits.  Proposed drainage improvements analyzed in this study included: increased storm sewer sizes, constructing relief sewers, creating flood storage in open space, providing flood storage underground, and increasing pumping rates of existing stormwater pumping stations.  No other possible improvements were considered. 

Burke provided conceptual-cost estimates, but these estimates did not include land acquisition, temporary/permanent construction easements, relocation of utilities, or the cost of recreation facilities in open space. 

Burke provided more than one alternative for most study areas with the goal of providing  50-year or 100-year flood protection. (The terms "50-year flood" and 100-year flood are used to define a rainfall event that has a 1% probability of occurring every 50 years, or once every 100 years respectively.)

Burke proposed a number of improvements for each alternative.  Listed below are proposed improvements directly impacting  Park District property.   

Burke Recommendations for Golden Meadows Park

Impacts Flood Study Area - Pine Street

Pine Street area is defined by Burke as area south of Schiller Street, east of Willow Road, and north of First Street. 

Due to the limited capacity of the existing storm sewer system and the lack of a designated overland flow route, this area along Pine Street is especially susceptible to flooding.  The goal of the proposed drainage improvements is to eliminate the structural flooding along Pine Street and Avon Road.

Alternative #1 - 50-Year Flood Relief

  • Installation of 430 linear feet of 27-inch diameter relief sewer transition to 1,380 linear feet of 36-inch diameter relief sewer along First Street from Pine Street to Golden Meadows Park flood storage area.
  • Provide an additional 7 acre-feet of gravity-drained flood storage in Golden Meadows Park. The flood storage area basin would outlet to the existing storm sewer system.

Alternative #2: - 100-Year Flood Relief

  • Installation of 540 linear feet of 42-inch diameter relief sewer transitioning to 1,270 linear feet of 48-inch diameter relief sewer along the First Street to Pine Street to Golden Meadows Park detention storage.
  • Provide an additional 17-acre-feet of gravity-drained flood storage in Golden Meadows Park.  The detention basin would outlet to the existing storm sewer system. 

Number of Homes Protected from a 100-year Event by utilizing Golden Meadows Park as Detention Basin

Alternative #1 = 30 Homes

Alternative #2 = 20 Homes