Glos Memorial Park

Glos Memorial Park is expanding! See information on the project here.

An urban oasis. Lucy Glos, wife of Henry L. Glos, banker and first Village President, donated the land to the City of Elmhurst. The property is the site of the Glos mausoleum. The Tree Towns Garden Guild, a garden club, cares for the rose garden. 

  • Floral Display
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Picnic Table
Events & Activities: 

The land was donated to the City of Elmhurst in the 1940s, but was not developed into a park until 1979, with dedication in 1981. The City began leasing the property to the Park District in 1978. That year, some of the land was lost when the underpass was installed. A formal rose garden and, until 1997, an herb garden, was created and maintained by the Park District and the Elmhurst Garden Club. In 1997, the herb garden was moved to Wilder Park.

Current Size: 
.94 acres