Maple Trail Woods

Originally expected to remain native woodland, it was developed and now boasts scenic trails and informal picnic areas. Maple Trail Woods links up with the Salt Creek Greenway Trail just south of Madison Street. Perfect for a picnic or a picturesque run.

Events & Activities: 

Maple Trail Woods was acquired in two parts, the north half in 1965-67 and the south half in 1968-69 (8.76 acres.). An additional 28.63 acres was leased from the City of Elmhurst beginning in 1968. Purchases and donations in the 1970s added 18 more acres, and in 1985, the DuPage County Forest Preserve District leased the Park District an additional 37.93 acres. The Park Board named this park based on the trail-like shape of the land along Salt Creek.

Current Size: 
93.61 acres