April 27, 2016 Park Board Meeting

Stormwater Management Discussion

Executive Director Rogers reported on progress made with the City of Elmhurst on stormwater detention basins on District property. Rogers has been working with the City Manager on the sequence of events for the Golden Meadows Park stormwater detention project.  A revised sequence of events flowchart with the environmental testing step moved to the top was handed out to the board. It is anticipated that the proposed sequence of events will be discussed at the next Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting on April 28, 2016.  Executive Director Rogers has also been working with District attorney Andrew Paine on an access agreement to allow the City to conduct environmental testing at Golden Meadows Park as soon as possible. 

As regards to York Commons, the Park District has received the latest set of plans from the City.  Staff, along with the District’s engineering firm V3 and the Board’s subcommittee, is in the process of reviewing the plans. Executive Director Rogers has continued to have discussions with the City Manager regarding the construction schedule, specifically the earthwork and excavation and continues to reiterate the District’s strong concerns about construction taking place in the York Commons Park while Smalley Pool is open. 

Executive Director Rogers continued by stating that there are two outstanding items for the proposed stormwater detention in York Commons Park – the construction schedule as noted and the shut-off valve. The City has continued to propose installing the valve in the southwest corner of the park near York Street, while the Park District has previously suggested that the City reconsider placing the valve in between the skate park, the pool and the railroad tracks. Commissioners Spaeth and Graf noted their concerns for the aesthetics of the park and the impact of the valve and the accompanying fence surrounding it. The subcommittee shared potential ways to minimize their impact on the appearance of the park including decreasing the size of the proposed fencing surrounding it and installing landscaping. The subcommittee believes there is an opportunity for a compromise with the City on the valve and will continue their efforts at the next meeting. 

Commissioner Ubriaco thanked the Stormwater Subcommittee and V3 Engineering for evaluating the proposed plans and coming up with some creative ideas in such a timely manner.