April 28, 2016 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting


Six residents attended the meeting and two spoke during public comment.  All five sites under consideration were discussed.

As regards York Commons, discussion took place concerning two items – the location of the shut-off valve and the construction schedule.  The subcommittee indicated to the City that the current set of plans provided by the City were being reviewed and that a solution concerning the location of the valve was being developed that, with some minor modifications to the valve, could be completed to enhance aesthetics in order to meet the stated objectives of both the City and the Park District.  Subsequently, on May 3 that solution, which calls for allowing the City to keep the valve at its desired location, but uses some creative engineering in order to avoid visibility of equipment above grade, was provided to the City consideration.  A copy of V3’s response is attached.

In addition, the timeline for the project was discussed as it is apparent the work will not be able to be completed prior to Smalley Pool opening for the summer.  The City is working on a proposed schedule for the project; the District made it clear that safety is the utmost concern when considering the schedule as thousands of people utilize the park and pool during the summer.

Discussion then turned to the Golden Meadows IGA as the subcommittee presented the proposed new sequencing of events that the Board reviewed on April 27.  The proposed changes had been shared prior to the meeting and City representatives generally agreed to the concepts.  Staff is now working with Andrew Paine of Tressler on revising the IGA to reflect the new sequencing and committed to providing a draft to the City the week of May 9 with the intent of having the document be approved by the each agency prior to the next subcommittee meeting.

Furthermore, an agreement to allow the City to access the site to undertake environmental testing was finalized by Paine and has been executed by staff.

Finally, as also discussed with the Board on April 27, the subcommittee again reiterated the Board’s position regarding the other three parks under consideration (East End, Crestview and Wild Meadows Trace) as follows: “At this point in time, the Park Board is not interested in encumbering additional open space with detention basins to provide relief for approximately 11 remaining homes that would be impacted.  However…the District believes that Park and City staff should discuss alternative ideas for three of the sites, similar to those the City has already utilized.”

The City and School District plan to meet on May 25, but it was agreed that the next subcommittee meeting to include the District will be held Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

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