August 13, 2015 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

The Thursday evening meeting was open to the public and Park Commissioners Spaeth and Grafwre in attendance. The video of the meeting can be found online at Approximately 36 residents attended the meeting and 5 spoke during public comment. Utilizing the same format as the Board reviewed Wednesday, your subcommittee reviewed the legal and business terms of the proposed IGA for the City and the public in attendance. Some discussion took place concerning the inclusion of all five sites in the IGA and it was agreed that the City Manager and I will work to develop language acceptable to both governing bodies. We also confirmed the meeting with IDNR for next Friday. Thereafter, discussion took place concerning the other three sites. As regards to East End Park, your subcommittee suggested that the City have Burke Engineering look at the feasibility of putting the detention in the far western portion of the park, in the old picnic grove area, rather than utilizing the two ball fields. In terms of Crestview Park, the concept plans were reviewed and your subcommittee suggested that Burke look at the possibility of using property between I-290 and Lake Street rather than the eastern portion of the park. Finally, your subcommittee reiterated the Board’s previous position that the use of Wild Meadows Trace was acceptable for addressing the flooding on Seminole, rather than utilizing Pioneer Park. The Park Board made certain to remind all those in attendance that each of these three sites, in addition to Golden Meadows, have IDNR restrictions which must be taken into consideration.The Park District will now continue to work with Andrew Paine of Tressler on the legal terms and Greg Wolterstorff of V3 on the business terms.  The next subcommittee meeting will be held August 27.