August 26, 2015 Park Board Meeting

There were five comments from the public, a copy of the complete minutes is attached below.


Stormwater Subcommittee Report and Discussion

Executive Director Rogers summarized the August 13 meeting held in City chambers.  The meeting had approximately 36 residents in attendance with 5 providing public comment. The legal and business terms of the proposed intergovernmental agreement (IGA) was reviewed with the City.  Rogers and City Manager Grabowski continue to work on developing language in the IGA regarding the consideration of other park sites. Commissioner Spaeth stated that he would want the IGA to include the requirement of a shutoff valve in the proposed York Commons Park detention. A meeting date with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) was confirmed and held on August 21. The subcommittee discussed the other three proposed park sites (East End, Crestview, and Wild Meadows Trace parks).  The subcommittee suggested the City's engineer review the placement of the detention in the far western portion of East End Park, the area between Interstate 290 and Lake Street at Crestview Park, and utilizing Wild Meadows Trace in lieu of Pioneer Park.  The City has yet to send the new conceptual plans for those park sites with the suggested detention placements.  Reiterated to the City to keep in mind that the other three park sites were also purchased with IDNR grant funds.

Commissioner Spaeth stated IDNR appeared receptive in considering a land swap, but each property will be considered independently.  As an example to IDNR making such considerations, Rogers added that Golden Meadows Park was not originally purchased with IDNR funds, but a conversion property for land that was swapped for the building of the Courts Plus Fitness Center.  Rogers and the City Manager are working to create a formal request to IDNR.  The request will be to allow the Park District to deal with the City for Golden Meadows Park, placing the funds from the deal in an escrow, in order to allow the City to begin construction while the Park District seeks a replacement property. As part of the process, IDNR would also need to seek approval from the National Parks Service as it provided the original funding. 

Rogers summarized the City's first draft of a master IGA with a listing of conditions, including easements during and after construction, maintenance for using the parks, and the inclusion of addendums for each individual park site.  Commissioner Graf stated that the development of a master IGA also allows for construction to begin while the Park District considers the other sites.  Primary changes and inclusions in the IGA were displayed in a slide show.  Rogers read the termination clause in regards to the Park District's lease extension of the maintenance garage should the City decide not to use the parks. 

Board President Ubriaco stated that it might be best if funds for the City's offer to propose dual use in the detention basin be utilized to fund stormwater mitigation.  Commissioner Spaeth added that dual use in the basins is dependent on what will be played on the site as well as the type of stormwater event for which the basin will be utilized i.e. 5-year, 10-year, etc.