August 27, 2015 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

The stormwater subcommittee (Commissioners Spaeth, Graf, and Executive Director  Rogers) participated in the latest public meeting held at City Hall.  The video of the meeting can be found online on YouTube under 2015-08-27 Stormwater Communications Committee Meeting. Approximately 16 residents attended the meeting and 3 spoke during public comment.  Utilizing the same format as the Board reviewed at the Wednesday August 19, 2015 Board Meeting, the subcommittee reviewed the revised terms of the IGA that were presented to the City.  Discussion then took place around a number of items including the inclusion of all five sites in the IGA, the possibility of the City funding the agreed upon recreational improvements in the parks, such as the basketball and volleyball courts at York Commons Park and the Park District taking responsibility of their construction, tree replacement, subsequent modifications to the sites and the termination clause.  We also had a lengthy discussion about our approach to discussions with IDNR in which Executive Director Rogers reiterated that the Park District is not looking to request dual use, but is going to request the ability to phase in the conversion process of acquiring replacement properties.  Discussion also took place concerning conceptual ideas that the subcommittee suggested for East End and Crestview parks.  The subcommittee received those conceptual plans from the City only a couple of hours prior to the meeting, therefore requiring more time to thoroughly review the plans with Greg Wolterstorff of V3 Engineering. 

As the committee awaits the City’s formal response to the IGA, we will begin work on a formal request to the IDNR concerning Golden Meadows Park.  The next subcommittee meeting will be held September 10.