January 13, 2016 Park Board Meeting

Stormwater Management

Executive Director Rogers updated the Board on stormwater management discussions with the City of Elmhurst.  Subsequent to the December 9 stormwater management meeting, the City Council voted to amend a resolution for an intergovernmental agreement with the Park District to remove the shut-off valve from the IGA for the proposed detention basin in York Commons Park. The Council then voted to defer consideration of the amended resolution to January 4 and again to January 19.  Following the January 4 meeting, on January 11 the City Council held a special Committee of the Whole meeting during which Burke Engineering presented information regarding the York Commons Park proposed detention basin with a shut-off valve.  The next stormwater management subcommittee meeting will be on January 14, 2016.  Commissioner Spaeth added that he looks forward to meeting with the City to reach a resolution and help residents affected by stormwater flooding.  The shut-off valve has always been part of the proposed detention basin.