July 25, 2016 Park Board Meeting

Commissioner Pelosi made a motion and Commissioner Graf seconded that the Board of Park Commissioners approve Resolution R-02-16 to approve the terms of an intergovernmental agreement between the City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst Park District for the construction, operation and maintenance of stormwater improvements in Golden Meadows Park and authorize the Park Board President to execute said IGA. Executive Director Rogers gave an update on the stormwater subcommittee's meeting with the City in June which consisted mainly of progress on the IGA.

Regarding York Commons, on July 7 the District received written response from Burke Engineeringin response to V3's comments made on May 3. Although the IGA for the York Commons stormwater detention has been approved, the District's approval of design plans remain pending. Based on the District's recommendations, Burke has made a number of adjustments to the design including adjustments to improve aesthetics and relocation of the control panel to the dumpster enclosure with lights mounted on the top to indicate the up/down position of the gate to improve safety. The gate lights will illuminate to indicate the pump has been activated, similar to the pump houses along the creek. The sluice gate will have a non-rising stem. Burke recommended that the actuator be located above grade next to the dumpster. The subcommittee is working with V3 to meet the overall aesthetic needs of the District on behalf of the community while meeting the functional needs of the City.

In regards to Golden Meadows, following IDNR's July 12 verbal approval, the District sent a formal written request to IDNR on July 18 and anticipates a formal reply to move forward in approving the terms of an IGA to deed over the west portion of the park to the City in exchange for the appraised value. A deadline will not be imposed as to when the District has to replace the property. Tlie City Council approved the IGA on July 18 by a unanimous vote of 11-0 wiA 3 absences. In response to Commissioner Spaeth asking if the IGA was approved on the federal level. Director Rogers stated, yes. As there was no further discussion, the Board was polled. Ayes: Commissioners Morissette-Moll, Pelosi, Ubriaco, Ennis, Graf, and Spaeth. Nays: none. Motion carried.